Brad Pitt’s F1 Movie Set for Summer 2025 Theatrical Release

While the sequel to Top Gun: Maverick might still be in the distance, director Joseph Kosinski is gearing up to bring high-speed excitement to the big screen with his upcoming Apple Original F1 movie starring Brad Pitt. According to The Hollywood Reporter (THR), Apple is partnering with Warner Bros. to give the yet-untitled racing movie a wide theatrical release, including IMAX, set for an international debut on June 25, 2025, followed by a North American release on June 27, 2025.

Aubrey Gemignani, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

A Unique Cinematic Experience

The film will feature real-time shooting at Formula 1 grands prix around the world, including the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Brad Pitt stars as Sonny Hayes, a former driver returning to the F1 circuit with rookie teammate Joshua Pearce, played by Damson Idris, at the fictional APXGP team. The duo will face off against the sport’s elite drivers and teams.

Star-Studded Ensemble

The movie boasts an impressive ensemble cast, including:

  • Kerry Condon
  • Javier Bardem
  • Tobias Menzies
  • Sarah Niles
  • Kim Bodnia
  • Samson Kayo

Additionally, the film’s producers include Jerry Bruckheimer and seven-time Formula One World Drivers’ Championship winner Lewis Hamilton.

A Landmark for Sport and Cinema

In a joint statement, Apple Original Films and Formula 1 highlighted the movie’s unique production approach: “The movie is a landmark for the sport and cinema, filmed in real-time during grands prix around the world and involving the Formula 1 community, including all 10 teams, the drivers, the FIA, and race promoters. The new feature film is set in the exhilarating and cinematic world of Formula 1 and will immerse audiences in the spectacle of the most popular annual sports series, celebrating the skill and heroism of the drivers while showcasing the incredible challenge of competition in Formula 1.”

Ongoing Production

Filming will continue throughout the year, culminating at F1’s season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in December. Kosinski and his team are working at full throttle to ensure the movie is ready for its summer 2025 release.

Anticipation for 2025

With the blend of high-octane racing action, a stellar cast, and real-time filming during actual F1 events, the film is already shaping up to be one of the most anticipated movies of 2025. Fans of both cinema and motorsports are eagerly awaiting this unique portrayal of the Formula 1 world.


1. When is the release date for Brad Pitt‘s F1 movie?
The movie is set for an international release on June 25, 2025, and will hit North American cinemas on June 27, 2025.

2. Who stars in the movie alongside Brad Pitt?
The film features Damson Idris, Kerry Condon, Javier Bardem, Tobias Menzies, Sarah Niles, Kim Bodnia, and Samson Kayo.

3. What is unique about the production of this F1 movie?
The movie is shot in real-time during actual Formula 1 grands prix around the world, involving the entire F1 community, including teams, drivers, the FIA, and race promoters.

4. Who are the producers of the movie?
The producers include Jerry Bruckheimer and Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time Formula One World Drivers’ Championship winner.

5. What can audiences expect from this film?
Audiences can expect an immersive cinematic experience that celebrates the skill and heroism of F1 drivers, showcasing the intense competition and spectacle of Formula 1 racing.

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