Exploring The U.K.’s Top 5 Popular Fetishes

UK Popular Fetishes
Exploring The U.K.’s Top 5 Popular Fetishes

Are you aware there is National Fetish Day? Every January 17th is a great time people take out to celebrate those that spice up enjoyment in the other room.

Well, today’s article is not about National Fetish Day but to educate you on the top five popular fetishes in the U.K.

Before we proceed, let’s talk about fetish.

What is Fetish?

Fetish is the act of expressing intimacy in the utmost physical and emotional manner.

No controversy, sex is an extraordinary experience both humans and animals engage in, even plants indirectly.

It is even a debated practice in the hierarchy of needs, which shows how important sexual intercourse is.

While some people like to have it calmly and traditionally, some fantasise about it dramatically, and others go wild whenever they have the opportunity.

Regardless, people should be allowed to be who they want to be if the other party is comfortable with it.

Let’s review the top 5 fetishes in the U.K.

  • BDSM 16%
  • Phone Sex 6%
  • Feet 5%
  • Exhibitionism 4%
  • Group Sex 4%

Let’s review them one after the other.


This is “common” among the LGBTQ couple. This type of fetish involves dominancy, submission, and control during sex. This means that one person will be dominant while the other person must be submissive. However, it’s way beyond that. Let’s explore the full meaning. B.D.S.M.

B – Bondage

This practice requires limiting the freedom of the other person involved. This is the stage where objects like ropes and handcuffs are used. The dominant party can tie the submissive party to something in order to limit their movement.

D – Discipline & Dominance

Based on agreement, the dominant partner is at will to discipline the submissive partner. This may be putting the submissive partner in an uncomfortable position for a longer period, beating, or both.

S – Submission

This is pretty simple. It means absolute submission to the dominant partner’s actions and wishes. No matter what, the second party must relax and adhere to the rules.

M – Masochism (or sadomasochism)

This is the pleasure a partner feels either from inflicting pain on the other person (sadism) or receiving pain (masochism).

Phone Sex

This is one of the oldest forms of fetish. It’s a multimillion-dollar industry that satisfies people’s sexual urges via phone calls (video, audio) or chat.

Phone sex is one of the dominant fetishes in the U.K. It is widely done individually (person to person) and professionally (person to professional phone operator) on websites like https://www.fantasychatlines.com for example.

If you would like to explore this fetish, make sure you are fully prepared. Clean up your room, dim your light, and stay in the mood.

Foot Fetish

Aside from BDSM, foot fetish is another sexual practice that fetishists can not get enough of. People in this category are sexually aroused by feet. They enjoy kissing, sucking, watching, or practising sexuality with their feet. Some even fantasise based on different footwear and the kind of foot that may be under it.

According to a survey distributed among internet users, over 30% claimed they once used objects on the body. A high percentage, which are males and mostly members of the LBGTQ+ claimed they’ve used feet.

People who get involved in this type of practice are believed to have developed the act as a teenager, thereby getting sexually aroused when playing with objects.

Some experts also disclosed that the genesis of foot fetishes is psychological. They claimed some areas of the brain get turned on when the body comes in contact with objects or smells. They proved further that the part of the brain responsible for sensations and genitals are closer to each other, and in most cases when one of the brain parts is working (i.e. when you feel or smell), the other area is likely to get turned on.


Exhibitionism is a sexual kink whereby a person is sexually aroused when seen naked. If you are the type that likes to walk in the house naked, there are chances that you are an exhibitionist. Exhibitionists often like to have sex in public places. Let’s discuss the two types of exhibitionism.

Non- threatening exhibitionism: This is a situation whereby someone identifies his or herself as an exhibition and solicits a like-minded individual to have fun together.

Threatening Exibitionsim: Threatening refers to the public display of genitals to horrify people. Imagine a lady or man flashing or dangling their private parts in order to impress or shock people… That is called a threatening exhibition.

Group Sex

This fetish practice involves getting it on with two or more persons. If you use dating applications often, you must have seen couples looking for a third person to join them during sexual intercourse. However, there are different types of group sex. Have you ever heard of the word Orgy? An Orgy is a type of group sex where several genders have sex together. Another type of group sex is gang bang, in this act, one person often has sex with more than two of another gender. Gang bang is often called “consensual scenario” most especially among the kink community.


Even though there are many fetish practices in the U.K., BDSM, feet, exhibitionism, restraints, and Group Sex made it into the top 5 most popular. If you have traits or practices similar to any of the above-listed, there are chances that you are a fetish. I know it might sound weird especially if you don’t want to associate yourself with the LGBTQ+ community, however, it is totally fine. You don’t have to be associated with the community to have fetish traces, we enjoy sexuality and sexual advances differently, and you shouldn’t discriminate.

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