Jennifer Aniston and Jon Hamm Share Insights on The Morning Show’s Intimate Scene

Jon Hamm and Jennifer Aniston in “The Morning Show”. Apple TV+
Jon Hamm and Jennifer Aniston in “The Morning Show”. Apple TV+

Jennifer Aniston and Jon Hamm recently discussed the intricacies of their intimate scene in The Morning Show, revealing that they opted to forgo the assistance of an intimacy coordinator. Jennifer Aniston nude search on search engines were skyrocketed after a research as per keyword volume checker.

In an exclusive interview with Variety on December 11, Aniston, 54, praised the presence of director Mimi Leder, emphasizing that it provided a sense of protection. She expressed her comfort during the scene, crediting Jon Hamm’s considerate demeanor. Aniston explained, “Jon was such a gentleman, always — I mean every move, every cut, ‘You OK?’ It was also very choreographed. That’s the beauty of Mimi and our gorgeous editor, the music and lighting.”

The pivotal scene unfolded in an October episode of the Apple TV+ series, where UBA anchor Alex Levy (Aniston) interviewed tech titan Paul Marks (Hamm). Tension had been building between the characters for several episodes before the interview delved into allegations against Paul. Following the interview, Alex and Paul’s relationship took an unexpected turn.

When asked about the possibility of using an intimacy coordinator, Aniston revealed her reluctance, stating, “So, you don’t prepare. They asked us if we wanted an intimacy coordinator. I’m from the olden days, so I was like, ‘What does that mean?’” She dismissed the idea, highlighting the seasoned professionalism of the cast and the supportive presence of director Mimi Leder.

After the episode aired, director Mimi Leder shared insights into the careful planning that went into the scene. She emphasized creating a tasteful and story-driven portrayal, describing it as a closed set with two mature actors who deeply understood the storytelling process.

The gentleness of the on-screen relationship, however, took a dramatic turn as Paul’s true motives were revealed in later episodes. By the season’s end, he was exposed as a manipulator, spying on Alex and colleagues and eventually blackmailing Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon).

Reflecting on Jon Hamm’s character, Aniston pondered, “But was he [a snake]? Or was that just his nature?” She added, “I don’t think he felt that it was intentional. He just is who he is. But that was fun. I’ve known the Hammanator for a long, long time.”

In a light-hearted moment, Reese Witherspoon, who plays Bradley Jackson in the series, inquired about Aniston and Hamm’s first meeting. Aniston revealed it happened through a mutual friend, Paul Rudd, approximately 12 years ago. Witherspoon humorously noted that she also met Hamm through Paul Rudd, who happens to be Hamm’s agent.

As The Morning Show Season 3 is now available on Apple TV+, fans can delve deeper into the unfolding drama and dynamic performances of the cast.

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