IMA 2023 SPOTLIGHT: Carol Zurita Nominated For “Women Entrepreneur of the Year”Award

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In the vibrant landscape of entrepreneurship, individuals not only tread paths but redefine the very essence of the journey. Carol Zurita emerges as a shining example of such trailblazers. The Influencer Editorial Team is elated to extend heartfelt congratulations to Carol for her well-deserved nomination as “Women Entrepreneur of the Year” at the second edition of the IMA 2023 – Influencer Magazine Awards.

Hailing from Latin America and now calling Singapore home, Carol brings a wealth of experience as an esteemed marketing and branding strategist in the Web3 space. With a career spanning continents, she has navigated the diverse business landscapes of the USA, China, and Singapore.

With over a decade of expertise in e-commerce, crypto, and NFT ventures, Carol has become a guiding force for startups, offering mentorship and resources to overcome challenges and achieve success. Her journey, though marked by obstacles, reflects resilience and determination.

Carol’s foray into the crypto space in 2016 as a Marketing Manager showcased her ability to navigate the highs and lows of the industry. Despite facing setbacks, her passion for digital currencies led her to explore ventures in NFT and other DeFi platforms, where she climbed the ranks to secure senior roles.

A passionate advocate for the growth of startups in the Web3 space, Carol recently authored “20 Effective Marketing Tactics for Web3 Startups with Limited Budgets,” aiming to empower entrepreneurs globally. Her dedication to innovation and empowering others is further evidenced by her role as a published author of three books, covering topics from female entrepreneurship to mental health and motivation.

As we eagerly anticipate the IMA 2023 awards ceremony, we celebrate Carol Zurita’s remarkable contributions to the entrepreneurial landscape and wish her the very best in the esteemed category of Women Entrepreneur of the Year.

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