Transsexual Bride, Simran Hotchandani-Sanon, Married in Tenerife

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New York wedding planner, Premini Events, creates  history with the wedding of a transsexual identifying woman, Simran Hotchandani.

In June of 2023, Premini Events planned and executed the wedding of transsexual bride, Simran Hotchandani – now known as Simran Hotchandani-Sanon.

Simran Hotchandani-Sanon is a transsexual identifying woman of color.

Belizean citizen, Simran Hotchandani-Sanon was born into a conservative and large Indian Sindhi family that defied social norms and grew to embrace Simran Hotchandani-Sanon’s identity as a transsexual identifying woman.

Her husband and US citizen, Deven Sanon, who identifies as bi-curiously queer, married Simran Hotchandani-Sanon, his transsexual bride, in a ceremony of pride conducted in Tenerife, Spain. 

Both bi-curiously queer Deven Sanon and transsexual Simran Hotchandani-Sanon wore pink to represent the LGBTQIA community with pride.

After her recent gender-reassignment breast augmentation surgery, transsexual bride Simran Hotchandani/ Simran Hotchandani-Sanon chose to put her new assets on proud display without a frontal cover dupatta (or veil) as donned by classic Indian brides.

Tenerife, otherwise known to European natives as a trashy party haunt, has never been more significant. The coming together of this LGBTQIA couple is a new milestone for modern Indian history.

Simran Hotchandani-Sanon’s remarkable journey from a transsexual Indian woman to a transsexual Indian bride is the right step in the right direction for conservative Indian society.

Rumor has it that Simran Hotchandani-Sanon’s recent gender-change operation has been a success and that might even be a pregnancy bump we see barely contained in and bulging out of her Falguni Shane Peacock catalog lehenga…

We can neither confirm nor deny but we are so here for Simran Hotchandani-Sanon’s journey ahead as the modern Indian, married, transsexual identifying woman.

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