Lisa Emerges Victorious: Wins IMA 2023 – Beauty Mogul of the Year!

IMA 2023 Beauty Mogul of the Year


IMA 2023 Beauty Mogul of the Year

The wait is over! In a thrilling showdown that captivated beauty enthusiasts worldwide, Lisa from BLACKPINK has been crowned the “Beauty Mogul of the Year” at the IMA 2023 Influencer Magazine Awards. Following an intense competition against beauty powerhouse Kylie Jenner, Lisa emerged victorious, securing a staggering 96,558 otes from her devoted fans while Kylie Jenner received 62,449 Votes. This victory not only underscores Lisa’s immense influence but also highlights the overwhelming support she enjoys from her global fanbase.

From her stellar performances on stage to her trendsetting fashion sense, Lisa has always been a trailblazer. Her foray into the world of beauty seamlessly combines her musical prowess with her passion for style, resonating profoundly with fans across the globe. Lisa’s win signifies more than just a recognition of her talent; it stands as a testament to her ability to inspire and empower millions with her unique perspective on beauty.

The IMA 2023 Beauty Mogul of the Year title is a well-deserved accolade for Lisa, acknowledging her impact on the industry and the lives of her admirers. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Lisa and express our gratitude to the thousands who participated in the voting process. This victory is a celebration not only of Lisa’s talent but also of the unwavering support of her fans, affirming her status as a global icon.

Additionally, we are thrilled to announce the names of the five fortunate voters who will receive signed merchandise as a token of appreciation for their active participation: Sarasawadee (, Ritika Mehak (, Justin W (, Lali (, and Kismat J ( All of the winners have to check their mailboxes and complete a basic form requesting details to help us process it.

Lisa Emerges Victorious: Wins IMA 2023 - Beauty Mogul of the Year!


Image Courtesy: YouTube BLACKPINK

In the electrifying clash of beauty titans, both Kylie Jenner and Lisa from BLACKPINK showcased unparalleled talent and innovation, capturing the hearts of fans and industry insiders alike. Kylie Jenner, a name synonymous with beauty innovation, has ceaselessly pushed the boundaries of cosmetics. Her transformative cosmetics line and trendsetting fashion ventures have not only redefined the beauty industry but have also inspired millions globally. Kylie’s dedication to empowering individuals to embrace their uniqueness is nothing short of commendable, and her impact continues to resonate profoundly.

Lisa, the global icon and fashion maven from BLACKPINK, has mesmerized audiences not only with her musical talent but also with her distinctive style. Her ability to seamlessly blend her musical prowess with her passion for beauty and fashion is awe-inspiring. Lisa’s win as the Beauty Mogul of the Year is a testament to her dedication, creativity, and the unwavering support of her fanbase. Both these remarkable women have, in their own ways, transformed the beauty landscape, leaving an indelible mark for generations to come.

In the spirit of acknowledging the immense talent displayed by both Kylie Jenner and Lisa, we express our deepest respect for their contributions to the industry. Their creativity, vision, and relentless pursuit of excellence have set new standards, inspiring budding entrepreneurs and beauty enthusiasts globally.

We extend our warmest congratulations to Lisa for her well-deserved win as the IMA 2023 Beauty Mogul of the Year. May this achievement be a stepping stone to even greater success in the future. We wish her the very best in her endeavors and look forward to witnessing her continued brilliance and innovation in the dynamic world of beauty.

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