Dr. A. Joseph Layon- Intensive Care Physician – Author- Speaker


Dr. Joseph Layon is a highly respected and experienced intensive care physician with over 35 years of expertise. Throughout his career, Dr. Layon has specialized in internal medicine, anesthesiology, critical care, and neurocritical care. He has played various roles, including clinician, educator, investigator, division and department chair, faculty Senate Chairman, and even a financial “fixer” for medical schools. Additionally, Dr. Layon has been an advocate on the international stage and, unfortunately, found himself unintentionally blowing the whistle on a compromised health system, which was undoubtedly a challenging and painful task.

Adding to his impressive accomplishments, Dr. Layon is also the author of the book titled “A People’s Guide to End of Life.” This book was written with the intention of assisting families who have a dying loved one or even those who are facing their own mortality. Its purpose is to provide guidance through the complex and often inefficient healthcare system. It is a valuable resource that every household should have, ensuring you are prepared to advocate for your loved one if they require intensive care or hospice care.

I purchased this book after dealing with the hospital/ hospice system with my terminally ill grandmother. Knowing in the future other elderly family members may require hospital and hospice care, I wanted to be more knowledgeable. Dr. Layon’s book is easy to understand and gives you the tools to navigate complex healthcare systems. You want to have the skills to advocate for your loved one. I recommend this book for everyone so you and your family are prepared if and when the time comes that a loved one is hospitalized and or sent to Hospice,” Amanda C.

The book emphasizes the importance of approaching the inevitable passing of a loved one and how to cope with this undeniable aspect of life. Dr. Layon’s extensive experience in the operating rooms, intensive care units, and burn units across the United States, Latin America, and Africa has greatly influenced the content of this book. The motivation behind putting these words onto paper was the imminent death of a dear friend and colleague who was not only a professor of Political Science but also a staunch advocate for social and economic justice.

Dr. Layon shares, “My book focuses on the realities of dying. It provides clear understanding and realistic expectations to those confronting death and immersed in a bewildering healthcare system, individuals who often feel confused and misled.”

This book encompasses his vast expertise gained from over 40 years of medical practice in intensive care units at prestigious academic health centers, as well as in resource-limited areas of the world. It covers a range of topics, from what you can expect from your physicians and nurses to navigating complex family dynamics. With real-world examples of cases that have gone well and those that have encountered difficulties, this book can assist you during some of the most challenging times in your life.


In essence, “A People’s Guide to End of Life” serves as an educational tool on the healthcare system and is highly recommended reading for everyone.

To learn more about Dr. Joseph Layon and his work, visit his website at https://ajosephlayonmd.com/. You can also follow him on Twitter for updates and insights at @AJosephLayonMD.

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