8 Reasons Your Fleet Vehicles Could Benefit From Branding

Choosing to brand your fleet vehicles using a vehicle wrap or any other method can yield a number of positive benefits:

1. Grabs Attention

Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to respond to moving ads versus static ones online, or anywhere for that matter! This same principle rings true for offline advertising models as well. Branding your vehicles can help you garner more interest as you drive your fleet around versus paying for a static advertisement at a bus stop.

2. Saves Money

Advertising is effective, but also becomes one of the biggest expenditures that a company has. By choosing to display your company’s logo, contact information, and brand, you’re saving money in advertising. Unlike traditional ads that are costly, you don’t have to worry about constant recurring advertising charges with vehicle branding.

3. Expand Outreach

It’s important to raise as much awareness of your brand as possible. By branding your fleet vehicles and driving them around on busy roads, you expand your outreach as a business and make it easier for your target audience to learn about your existence.

4. Set Yourself Apart

It’s important that your business stands out from competitors in your industry as chances are, your company is hardly unique. Vehicle wraps are the single most effective way to grab the attention of potential local consumers and have them keep your business in mind for future use.

Here’s an example: imagine your vehicle stopping at a busy intersection timed perfectly to let a pedestrian pass. This will show potential consumers that your company cares about the safety of local residents. Of course, the reverse is also true. If your driver is cutting people off or being aggressive on the road, it can also harm the reputation of your company. For this reason, it’s important to act in a measured and respectful manner.

5. Constant Advertising

The greatest thing about vehicle wraps is that they help advertise your company even during downtime. That means if you’re stuck in traffic with a large number of other vehicles, your advertising efforts won’t go unnoticed! Other cars will simply look at your contact information, even if it’s out of sheer boredom.

Bear in mind, where you park your vehicles after business hours can also impact the efficacy of your advertising. Parking your fleet vehicles somewhere noticed by others is a great way to get constant exposure for your company.

A good example of this playing out in the real world is if you’re a mobile mechanic, for example. Parking in a residential neighborhood while not at work or working with a client will get neighbors and other local residents to check out your wrapped vehicle.

6. It’s Not Spam!

Many consumers are sick with having ads shoved in their faces online and offline. By choosing something such as a vehicle wrap, you give potential consumers the freedom to choose whether they wish to notice your advertising efforts or not. This leads to more respectful interactions and increased interest from local residents.

7. Protect Your Vehicles

You may not think it, but vehicle wraps are very much akin to screen protectors for your phone— they protect your fleet vehicles as well. Though vehicle wraps can’t protect against accidents or serious damage, they can prevent nicks and superficial scratches from harming the exterior of your car.

Bear in mind, this is doubly true if you run a handyman or contracting service that requires the regular use and transportation of tools. While grabbing tools from the car, it’s easy to scratch or dent the exterior. However, thanks to the vehicle wrap, you now have an additional layer of protection. Just like you would protect your interior with Mr Car mats. Keep your vehicle in great condition no matter what you are using it for.

8. Criminal Deterrent

In most instances, criminals target vehicles that have no unique or distinguishing features. On the other hand, if your vehicles are branded and stand out from the standard fare, thieves are significantly less likely to target them for fear of being noticed. Stealing your company’s car would call too much attention to the crime which simply wouldn’t make much sense.

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