Speechify Cost and Review: Is it Worth It?


It is not necessary to introduce Speechify as a well-liked productivity and reading aid. This programme was primarily created to assist those who struggle with ADHD, dyslexia, and other issues. You can increase your productivity as a result of it.

People mostly utilise either its Chrome extension or iPhone/Android app, unlike other text to speech services. Here, I’ll go over all of Speechify features, benefits, and drawbacks.

Similar features are offered by the text o speech, which sounds more natural than Speechify text reader.

You may try Speechify for free for three days. The price is nowhere to be seen on the internet. Its cost keeps fluctuating from nation to nation. However, it costs $139 per year in the vast majority of nations. You receive 1,51,000 words from real voices in this strategy. Unlimited words are delivered by voices that sound like robots.

Speechify Text-to-speech is more expensive than textospeech, which also has a superior sound quality. The best part is that it’s free to try. I’ll compare it to Speechify, but let me first go through some of Speechify’s better attributes.

Top features

You can read more easily with the help of the Chrome extension and app Speechify text reader. It is primarily made for two uses.

  • To make reading faster
  • Assisting those who struggle to read due to ADHD, dyslexia, etc.

It was initially released exclusively for iPhone users. But later, the company also released the Chrome extension and Android app.

They also have a cloud-based option, however it is inadequate for producing new speech. However, you are good to go if you wish to listen to audio files created by an app.




TextoSpeech is one of the best and effiecient online text to speech converter and ai voice generator. You can record voiceovers more quickly and affordably than ever before. It is the ideal project partner for cost-savings!With faultless, lifelike AI voices, text to speech to audio software transforms how you generate and edit voiceovers. It now only takes minutes to do tasks that used to take hours, weeks, or even months. Additionally, you can add presentations, movies, and photographs to your voiceover. Spend less time and money while recording pricey voice overs.

The typical method of producing voiceovers entails hiring a professional voice actor, purchasing pricey recording equipment, renting a recording studio, and hiring an editor to tweak and edit the recorded piece.  The entire process takes a long time and costs a lot of money. Textospeech is only one solution of all that problems 

Lets have a look on the remarkable features of Textospeech

Check out our amazing selection of gorgeous AI voices! Of our text to speech converter For any project, pick from male, female, and even children’s styles.

  • Modifying Speech speed

Are you ready to amaze your audience? The ai voice generator in TextoSpeech can handle everything you ask of it! Speaking louder or quieter, more quickly or slowly and also emphasis your voice. 

  • Emphasis words

Prepare to click a few times and transform those common words into exceptional ones! It has never been simpler to emphasize sentences. But our text to speech make i easier for you.

  • +140 Languages

Chinese, Filipino, Telugu, Tamil, Portuguese, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, German, and many other languages are included in our online text to speech.

  • Different Accents

Spanish (Mexico, use, Spain, Peru), English (USA, UK, India, Canada, Australia, etc.), and other languages are all available in TextoSpeech.

  • Voice Emotions

From seriousness to joy, from sadness to excitement, from anger to fear, from friendliness to hostility, and from shouting to whispering Various emotions are available in TextoSpeech that convert text to voice with emotions in few seconds.

Textospeech vs Speechify

Textospeech initially started as natural sounding text to speech service. It was used by people to make voiceovers. 

Text o SpeechSpeechify
Image OCR reader
Import Documents
Price$19/quarter $60/year or $134/lifetime$139/year
Voice StylesAngry, Cheerful, Sad, Excited, Friendly, Terrified, Shouting, unfriendly, Whispering, hopeful
Export Audio As Mp3
Text reader
Words per yearTruly unlimited1.5 Million Per Month

Buy today and get 50% off. 


I sincerely hope that my evaluation assisted you in deciding whether or not to use textospeech. Without a doubt, textospeech is a fantastic programme if you want to increase your productivity or reading speed and make lot of text to audio.

However, Textospeech is unquestionably a superior ai voice generator if you’re seeking for text to realistic voice.

It is not only reasonably priced, but it also has human-like text to voice generator.


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