Meet Leyla Moaser and Rich T, The InstaFamous Couple

Leyla Moaser and Rich T booked a trip to Cappadocia in Turkey where the couple reached millions via Instagram from their content. We’ve seen everything from wild horses to hot air balloons among mountains. If you’re looking for tips on travel or experiences to photography tips, this couple has it all in a nutshell.

After going viral on social media, the couple has become a successful 6-figure business and get paid to travel and promote products they love. Together they have won several awards for their work as influencers.

“But it hasn’t been an easy journey,” says the couple. They struggled financially which caused them a lot of stress at the beginning but they managed to overcome it, and invest in one of the best cameras on the market today hoping that they would make it back later, and of course, they did!

Rich T is also a melodic singer/songwriter and Leyla Moaser is a model born in Sweden. After the couple became well-known on social media, they were seen in magazines, TV, radio, newspapers, and red-carpet events. they also work in the fashion industry, where they’ve been seen on ramp walks and fashion shows.

You can follow them on @leylamoaser and @richtrmg

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