Stacey Park Milbern: A Champion for Disability Justice and Intersectionality

Stacey Park Milbern was a disability rights activist, organizer, and writer who dedicated her life to advocating for the rights and inclusion of disabled people. Despite facing numerous challenges as a disabled woman of color, Stacey was a tireless and passionate advocate who inspired many through her activism and writing.

Stacey was born in Seoul, South Korea, in 1987 and later adopted by a family in the United States. She was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy as a child, which would later inspire her to become a disability rights activist.

As a young adult, Stacey attended the University of California, Berkeley, where she became involved in disability rights activism and began organizing protests and campaigns for disability inclusion on campus.

After graduating, Stacey continued her advocacy work and became involved in national disability rights organizations, including the Disability Visibility Project and the National Council on Independent Living. She also co-founded the Disability Justice Culture Club, a collective of disabled people of color who work to create a more inclusive and intersectional disability rights movement.

Stacey’s work as an activist and organizer was focused on creating a more just and inclusive society for disabled people. She fought for increased accessibility in public spaces, employment opportunities for disabled people, and the right to live independently in the community.

In addition to her activism work, Stacey was also a gifted writer and published numerous articles and essays on disability justice, intersectionality, and social justice. Her writing has been featured in a variety of publications, including The New York Times, HuffPost, and Teen Vogue.

Despite facing numerous challenges as a disabled woman of color, Stacey was a powerful and inspiring voice in the disability rights movement. Her work helped to raise awareness about the intersectionality of disability, race, gender, and other social justice issues, and inspired many to take action and create change.

Sadly, Stacey passed away in 2020 at the age of 33, leaving behind a legacy of activism, writing, and advocacy that continues to inspire and motivate disabled people and allies around the world.

In honor of her contributions to the disability rights movement, many organizations and individuals have established funds, scholarships, and other initiatives in Stacey’s name to continue her work and support the disability community.

Stacey’s life and work serve as a reminder of the importance of disability inclusion and intersectional activism, and inspire us to continue working towards a more just and equitable society for all.

Written by Alex McCurthy

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