BTS ARMY to celebrate Kim Taehyung’s grand birthday; from opening cafes to bus project

The largest fan club in China, ‘Baidu Viva’, announced that it would advertise on all 22 screen sets of Oculus for two days from December 29th to the 30th. Oculus is the transport hub for the World Trade Center. It is a complex cultural space consisting of a train station, shopping center, and pedestrian tunnel, and a landmark in Lower Manhattan, boasting a floating population of 250,000 daily commuters and millions of people.

V’s advertisements run simultaneously on all 22 screen sets throughout the building, including the 100-yard (approximately 91m) long super-large screen (E/W Gallery) located in the east and west central hall passages, respectively. In particular, the E/W Gallery is an iconic screen the length of an American football stadium that continues endlessly, forming a huge gallery in itself, providing a tremendous sense of immersion. The screen, which perfectly harmonizes with the space without compromising the building’s artistry, is gaining popularity as a place for taking pictures while providing something to see on an overwhelming scale.

Written by Alex McCurthy

Influencer UK VIP Contributor

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