Who is Nobita’s best friend?

Nobita’s Best Friend: Shizuka Minamoto

Nobita Nobi, the protagonist of the long-running Japanese manga and anime series Doraemon, has many friends, but none is closer to him than Shizuka Minamoto. Shizuka is a childhood friend of Nobita’s and has been his best friend since they were very young. She is a kind and gentle girl who is always there for Nobita when he needs her.

Shizuka is a very talented girl who excels in academics, sports, and music. She is an excellent student and often helps Nobita with his studies. She is also a very skilled athlete and has won several awards for her achievements in sports. Shizuka is also a talented musician and often plays the piano or violin for Nobita.

Shizuka is a very kind and caring person who always looks out for Nobita. She is always there to help him out when he is in trouble and will do anything to make sure he is safe and happy. Shizuka is also very understanding and supportive of Nobita’s dreams and ambitions. She encourages him to pursue his goals and never gives up on him.

Shizuka and Nobita have a very special relationship. Nobita has had a crush on Shizuka for a very long time and she is aware of it. However, she is very loyal to Nobita and will never act on her feelings. She loves him like a brother and is always there for him when he needs her.

Shizuka is a very important part of Nobita’s life and he would be lost without her. She is always there to lend a helping hand and offer her support and friendship. She is a true friend who will never leave Nobita’s side no matter what.

Shizuka is an amazing friend and an important part of Nobita’s life. She is always there for him when he needs her and will do anything to make sure he is safe and happy. She is a loyal and supportive friend who will never give up on him. Shizuka is Nobita’s best friend and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Written by Kylie W

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