Surabhi Naik, Published Author of Inward Shelf, Recognised with Spectrum Saahitya Award by FanatiXx Spectrum Awards

Lady in bloom, Surabhi Naik was born on 8th October, 1992. A published author of Inward Shelf, she has done her Masters in clinical psychology and clinical internships at Masina hospital, Byculla and Thane mental hospital. She has also provided therapy during her internships, to schizophrenic, anxiety, addiction, depression, mood disorder and sexual abuse patients. She has also completed her internship at Joshi Bedekar College as a counsellor and also under Doctor Shrirang Joshi after her masters.
She was a professor for counselling and English in an institution at Chembur.
She has three Youtube channels, one is about music having more than 4500 subscribers and the other two comprising videos of various psychological topics, art and vivid ideas like love, memories, etc. and second is a fashion blog, respectively. She is also a blogger and writes her reflections on vivid topics on her blog, She also loves singing, dance, modelling and art as a passion.
She has also co-authored more than 20 anthology books with publishers like the Opus coliseum, Rosewood publications, Epiphany publications, Spectrum of thoughts publications and more.

In literary field, she has been nominated for the Attainer’s Award, 2021, My Achievement Award, 2021, Spectrum Sahitya Award, 2021, Prestigious Literary Award, 2021, Youth Achiever of the Year, 2021. She has also been regarded as a Warrior of Change, 2021 and featured in the Diaspora Times Global International Newspaper and the Timesbulletin. She has also been nominated for the Emerging Personality Award, 2021 and Excellence award, 2021.

She loves writing on different themes and ideas that are related to wisdom and psychology. Once she gets a concept to write on, she can’t stop making aphorisms and poetries. It has become a hobby for her. Her love for writing articles and quotes has motivated to write her next book. She strives to write more non-fiction books on wisdom reflections as a legacy to the world.

Spectrum Sahitya Award has given me a great opportunity to unleash my potential. It has given me a platform and recognition to showcase my talent and Im really obliged to get this honour of Spectrum Sahitya Award. Glad to be a part of it. Its a momento to cherish for life.


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