Step to download Windows 11 while avoiding malware

Microsoft hasn’t yet released Windows 11 yet, but the new operating system is as of now accessible for download and review. Cybercriminals are abusing that, slipping malware to clients who believe they’re downloading Microsoft’s new operating system. 

Why install Windows 11 now? 

Microsoft guaranteed Windows 10 would be the last arrival of Windows, that the organization would simply give refreshes from that point forward. On June 24 this year, in any case, the organization divulged Windows 11. And surprisingly however in the engine, it’s fundamentally Windows 10, Windows 11 is as yet the OS’s greatest update in six years, with an amazing number of new highlights and interface adjustments. 

Formally, Windows 11 will open up to the overall population in 2021, however, heaps of individuals are giving it a shot ahead of schedule by installing a prerelease construct. A few fans need to attempt the new system for its curiosity; others, like tech journalists, to illuminate clients about the new highlights. Concerning programming designers, they need the OS to perform similarity testing with their items and fix any issues before discharge day. 

Although Microsoft has made its way toward downloading and installing Windows 11 from its authority site genuinely direct, many visit different sources to download the product, which frequently contains not widely known threats from cybercriminals (and isn’t Windows 11 by any means). 

How scammers fool Windows 11 downloaders 

The most direct way cybercriminals mislead clients is by sneaking in a bonus. 

One model includes an executable record called 86307_windows 11 form 21996.1 x64 + activator.exe. With a record size as extensive as 1.75GB, it surely looks conceivable. Truth be told, however, the majority of that space comprises one DLL record that contains a ton of pointless data. 

Opening the executable beginnings the installer, which resembles a customary Windows installation wizard. Its primary design is to download and run another, more intriguing executable. The second executable is an installer too, and it even accompanies a permit understanding (which not many individuals read) considering it a “download administrator for 86307_windows 11 form 21996.1 x64 + activator” and noticing that it would likewise install some supported programming. If you acknowledge the arrangement, an assortment of noxious projects will be installed on your machine. 

Kaspersky items have effectively crushed a few hundred disease endeavors that utilized comparable Windows 11–related plans. An enormous part of that malware comprises downloaders, whose errand is to download and run different projects. 

Those different projects can be exceptionally wide-running — from moderately innocuous adware, which our answers arrange as not-a-infection, to undeniable Trojans, secret key stealers, abuses, and other frightful stuff. 

Where and how to download Windows 11 securely 

Download Windows 11 from true sources in particular, as Microsoft prompts. Up until this point, Windows 11 is formally accessible just to members in the Windows Insider Program — that is, you need to enroll. You’ll likewise require a gadget with Windows 10 previously installed. 

To overhaul your Windows 10 PC to Windows 11, go to Settings, click Update and Security, then, at that point select Windows Insider Program and enact Dev Channel to get the update. 

We don’t suggest running the report on your fundamental PC; prebuilds can be unsound. 

We likewise encourage you to utilize a solid security arrangement and never debilitate it, so that cybercriminals can’t access your PC through friendly designing or weaknesses in the not-prepared for-early evening system.

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Written by Alex McCurthy

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