Rajasthan man sleeps for 300 days a year

A man from Rajasthan’s Nagaur local apparently sleeps for 20-25 days a month, or 300 days a year, because of an uncommon ailment called Axis Hypersomnia. Named as a genuine ‘Kumbhakarna’ by villagers, Purkharam, 42, an inhabitant of Bhadwa town, can work his staple shop only five days a month, announced Zee News. 

As indicated by the report, his condition was diagnosed 23 years prior and has affected his life so that his relatives need to wash and take care of him while he is snoozing. 

Axis Hypersomnia can be depicted as a persistent neurological rest issue that prompts daytime drowsiness or potentially long rest hours (more than 9-10 hours in 24-hours) 

As indicated by an examination distributed in National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), hypersomnia, a grievance of inordinate daytime rest or tiredness, influences four to six percent of the populace, with an effect on the regular day to day existence of the patient. 


You can experience this issue because of rest issues, for example, rest apnea, being hefty, medication or liquor use, a head injury, utilizing certain prescriptions, having discouragement or there could likewise be a hereditary explanation for it, said Dr Navneet Kaur, general doctor, Apollo Spectra Nehru Enclave, Delhi. 


In case you are one who experiences this condition, you likely battle to awaken, notwithstanding setting various alerts and experience issues getting up from the bed (known as rest inactivity). Such people may begin the day feeling sleepy — alluded to as rest inebriated — and can likewise encounter mind mist, decreased ability to focus, dissatisfaction, disturbance, uneasiness, and wretchedness, said Dr Pradeep Mahajan, regenerative medication specialist, StemRx Bioscience Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai. 


In the event that you continue to encounter this issue consistently, it is encouraged to counsel a specialist. “The specialist will screen your resting propensities and pose inquiries like, when do you awaken, do you will in general nod off during the day, do you have enthusiastic issues and so on Following this, the master will prompt blood tests, registered tomography (CT) examines, and a rest test called polysomnography which is a complete test used to analyze rest problems,” said Dr Mahajan. 

Deferring treatment can likewise prompt outcomes in later life. “Ensure that you cling to a legitimate rest routine to remain new. Try not to mess with this by any means. Try not to get hindered, you can most likely deal with this condition with ideal mediation,” said Dr Kaur. 

Treatment and counteraction 

As indicated by Dr Mahajan, the treatment can be founded on meds and antidepressants. He added that to forestall this condition, one should avoid caffeine. “Try not to burn through liquor not long before resting as it can meddle with your rest,” he said.

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