Where can one Invest money?

Why would anyone invest their hard-earned money? The sole reason behind one doing that is to gain good returns from their investment. Returns on investment are like an additional fruit from hard-earned money. It creates wealth in the long run. The stock market is one of the best places to generate good returns from investments for the long run provided if you are well versed with Investment and Trading. Apart from the stock market, there are other potential options where one can explore to gain returns.

1. Savings

We all might be quite acquainted with savings. Every individual puts aside a portion of their payment as savings. If one decides on depositing this portion of the money saved in the Savings account of their bank they could easily get returns of about 5 to 6% on an annual basis. But of course, there is no guarantee of getting good returns every time, if the bank becomes subject to losses like other businesses then things might go bad too.

2. Jewellery

Another common medium of easy investment in an Indian household is investing in Jewellery especially when it is gold. It is a slow-moving asset and helps in creating ‘real’ wealth. People have this mindset that jewelry can be used for a long-time purpose plus with time its value also increases thus early investment in such a case is a good option.

3. Fixed Deposits

Let’s get fixed in our approach by trying fixed deposits. In this, one can deposit their income/part of income in banks for a good amount of time. It is a bet where there are no heavy risks required to get returns. Fixed deposits provide investors around 9 to 11% of capital returns from banks on an annual basis. Less annual returns but something is better than nothing.

4. Real Estates

Investing in an area that possibly has the potential to develop and grow in the future is a very good option to earn. Real estate is one such option. There is a lot of scope when it comes to Real Estates. The only drawback in this kind of investment is it requires a lot of capital and it might not be doable for many people.

5. Bonds

One of the next safest bets when it comes to investing money is Government bonds. Bonds are considered quite safe and it even provides similar returns to that of Fixed Deposits. It is very volatile. Thus, if you wish to generate and accumulate a good amount of wealth then these methods and instruments will take your whole life in doing so.


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