What are the successful attributes of a Manager?

Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.

Stephen Covey

The Senior Managers exclusively participate in the internal operations of the organization. In fact, they know the ins and outs of the organization

  • All the major issues that take place in the management are taken to the Senior managers. They should know how to get the company out of the maze of problems. I believe that I am good at issue handling especially in the workplace. It requires patience and deep understanding of the issue from both the sides .
  • A senior manager should know every single detail about the organization so that if asked, they can provide details without any further hesitation
  • A senior manager is more like the face of the company. They act a communication link to the public.
  • The Senior management also helps in delegation of the tasks. Delegation is important as it helps in employee skill identification and increases efficiency. I personally feel that when it comes to delegation I do a decent job as Human Resource Department has always been my segment of interest.
  • One has to be ambitious just like a senior manager of a company. They should have a vision and a mission both for a short term and long term basis. I have always been ambitious when it comes to goals and performance. Learning has never stopped for me as I personally feel there is no full stop to learning and success. The sky is the limit.  And since I am ambitious I even have a vision for everything.
  • Experience is the key factor. I know experience is very important but in the present scenario I don’t really have much of experience In the business world and maybe that might act as a backdrop. But I also feel sometimes apart from experience what counts more is the skill set of the person. He/She might lack experience but having hands on those important skills is also not a joke.
  • A Business environment is not only a work environment, it is a family. Senior managers should make it a family ambience in the workplace and respect is the most important thing. I feel without respect there is nothing. ‘You give respect, You get respect’ is the phrase I preach. I cannot expect my employees or co-workers to work for me if I don’t respect them.
  • A senior manager is known for his/her leadership skills. He/She is the leader of the empire. I might not be a great leader but I am a person who likes to work with integrity and have a charismatic approach and learn new things with the hope of becoming a great leader someday.
  • One should also be grateful to their employees. Be it fortune or misfortune we need to respect them and show them gratitude as they are working for us. All the misdeeds that might have taken place would surely not be their willfull act. Thus, we should keep motivating them.
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