The power of Storytelling in marketing

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“The greatest story commandment: Make me care. Please, emotionally, intellectually, aesthetically, just make me care.” These lines of Andrew Stanton (Filmmaker) say all about Storytelling. Storytelling is present in every single particle of this universe. From a dew drop falling from the leaf to Romeo proposing Juliet, every single event is a story. Here, the key factor is, how that drop ‘felt’ while falling and how Romeo ‘expressed’ his love to Juliet. The power of expressing these feelings and emotions, that can easily convince the audience is called Storytelling.

Storytelling is a powerful tool to make people think what you want to make them think. Your story can be based on true facts or can be totally fictional but what makes it believable in true sense is the power of your words. And when you use this tool in marketing, miracle happens. In marketing, you need to attract a customer and make him/her feel connected to your brand for long term gains. As a matter of fact, humans feel more connected to one another when they hear their stories. And here, when your brand tells its story to your customers then there is no way that they refuse to listen.

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The story of your brand can explain its product’s origin or it can simply answer for ‘why do you need me?’ or even can relate those problems which people are facing in their real lives and much more. On this, Terry Asher Moncada admits that when he advertised the extraordinary stories of those ordinary people who had a bad habit of being too much lazy to join gyms and then how they started to win over their laziness and joined gyms. These real life motivational stories helped Moncada to break records of previous year profits as more customers joined after listening these stories.

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Stories indeed draw a long-lasting impression on consumers. When one clothing brand launches its catalogue of Khadi and relates it with Mahatma Gandhi then the followers of Gandhian ideology start to prioritise Khadi over any other fabric. They even try to buy Khadi from the same brand, which launched its catalogue first. Now just think about the monopoly that this brand has created.

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Another great example of Storytelling in marketing is of a soap brand. This brand claims that it uses milk as a raw material while producing its soaps. From class 10th, we all know that the compound of soap is a fatty acid, whereas the milk is neutral in nature with pH level 6.75 but because the storyteller has shown us the ‘proof’ by pouring 2 cups of milk on the soap in that ad film, we are obliged to buy that ‘milk’ soap for glowing and softer skin. It might contain some extracts of Lactate but still that storyteller is giving us the feel of “Milk Bath” while using that soap.

These are just few examples of marketing through stories and unsurprisingly the list is never-ending as the ideas in human mind are unlimited. Storytellers are magicians. They tell you, convince you and make you do things according to their will. And if a marketer becomes a storyteller then he/she can tell you, convince you and make you ‘buy’ whatever he/she wants you to buy regardless of its price.

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