6 reasons for why should marketers use Multi-Channel marketing plan

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In this era of cut-throat competitive market, the only winner is who has reached the maximum number of customers. But it takes one efficacious plan which can achieve the target swiftly. This plan is known as Multi-Channel Marketing Plan.

Multi-Channel Marketing Plan is a new generation solution to interact with potential customers by using different channels either online or offline. It leaves nothing as it covers every communication channel to transmit the product information either through websites, newspapers, E-mail, blogs, or through  physical stores and catalogues, it really leaves nothing. This sole strategy enhances the dimensions of marketers in the field of marketing.

The list is multitudinous but we have covered some infallible reasons to ‘why choosing Multi-Channel marketing plan give better results?’:-

1.It provides wider variety of customers to marketers

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Every marketer asks “Where to find Customers?” The answer is simple but tricky at the same time “Customers are Everywhere”. But how to reach ‘everywhere’? Through Multi-Channel Marketing plan. It has been recorded that those companies which were executing Multi-Channel  marketing plan effectively got able to retain 89% customers. This plan is an ultimate solution to reach not only the targeted audience but also build some new. If one marketer uses only newspaper as a marketing channel and he/she finds out that his/her target customers are using internet more than newspaper then it’s time to include websites as a channel to promote the products.

2.It helps the customers to receive more variety of products.

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   It increases the chances of products to reach more customers. When customers get so much variety by having differentiated products then it becomes easier for them to recognise the brands and compare them with each other. According to a survey it is reported that there is an increase of 30% of multi channel using customers and also there is 23 times more consumer satisfaction. This helps producers too as now many more customers can give them feedback to improve their quality and performance. This way the chance of producers getting stability in market increases.

3.Marketers can be Competition Beaters

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Just imagine, if you reach out those customers who are potent but your competitors are no where to be seen nearby. The Multi-Channel Marketing converts this imagination into reality. It enables marketers to use different channels to remove demographic and traditional barriers which your competitors never tried to challenge once.

4.A high spike in Sales and Revenue

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Businesses can reach financial success much faster through Multi-Channel marketing. A research says that the customer acquired via Multi-Channel marketing spend 4 times more than customers acquired via single-channel marketing. Being available on every channel gives opportunities to marketers to get noticed easily and increase their sales. E-Commerce Germany states that the companies are recording 9.5% year-on-year increase by executing this plan.

5.It promises an improved marketing potential

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While applying Multi-Channel marketing plan, marketers do not have to be bound to a specific market channel or time. Through devices like desktop, laptop and mobile, marketers are always available to their customers. And most importantly, customers from the whole world can be in touch with marketers at any time. Here, it breaks time barrier.

6.Marketers get a huge advantage in Monopolistic Competition

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Monopolistic Competition is not a normal condition for any market but even here,  the Multi-Channel marketing is ready to give benefits to the marketers. When there are many marketers selling almost non-differentiated products, Multi-Channel marketing plan user can have the cream as he/she has already reached the maximum number of customers.

Multi-Channel Marketing Plan has emerged to make the lives of marketers easier and give their career a real boom. This strategy needs good execution and it will give results beyond the expectations. It can be proved cost effective if one uses this tool with perfection. Multi Channel marketing is the future and marketers should be ready to step in it. This will not only help marketers but it will also take the Global Economy to a new high.

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