The 90-Year-Old Entrepreneur from India

It is said that there is no age to learn something new. Similarly, there is no age to get your skills out and start something you wanted for a long time. Many young entrepreneurs have inspired people, from the very small age to all those in their early twenties. Inspiration comes from someone who does something exceptionally well and makes it worth talking about.

This inspiration comes from a 90-year-old lady, she started her small business at an age when everyone plans to completely retire. Harbajan Kaur who is currently 94 years old started her startup journey of making Besan Barfi (Indian Sweet made out of gram flour) at the age of 90. Hearing about a new startup, you generally have assumptions of it turning into a big company soon and hitting great numbers. Who knew a startup could be as good of inspiration as a life lesson of never missing an opportunity?

Harbajan Kaur started her startup 4 years back. Raveena Suri Harbajan’s daughter helped her to start the startup and promoted the great quality sweet.   Her daughter expressed the sadness and low feeling of her mother at such an elderly stage of her life. She said that her mother always wanted to start something of her own, but could because of various other responsibilities and holdings. Raveena said that her mother while having a word with her one day told her how she always wanted to earn money by herself.

Raveena not only supported her mother to boost her startup but also has inspired many children to fulfill the wishes of their parents. The first time Harbajan made her Besan barfi and sold it in the local organic market, she earned Rs.2000 and the smile on her face was unbelievable. Her first earnings boosted her confidence and trust in herself that she could make and sell more of those. Being an amazing cook she expanded her startup and along with Besan burfi she also started making pickles and Chutneys (Indian sauces). She sold all of the items once every 10 days at the local market.

Seeing the startup gain an immense amount of name and popularity Harbajan’s granddaughter planned to make the experience for her grandmother and customers better. She started with naming the brand as “Harbajan’s” and also creating great customized packaging for the products. The startup has thereafter taken much bigger steps and touched heights. Harbajan now prepares almost 10 kilos of sweet every 5 days. Raveena even expressed her happiness of seeing her mother’s startup grow well. She also said that with the startup growing, they may also need to get in more people to help with the process.

With the launching of such a startup, one can see that age has no boundaries. One can do whatever they want at any stage of their life. You can fulfill your dreams, be happy and also earn at the same time. Harbajan is a great inspiration to many who are elderly and still have the passion to work on their dreams. Not only the lady herself but her entire family is an inspiration, who have supported their mother. They give a message out to many to support their elders if they wish to live up to their dreams at any age. The story is not only of a successful startup but also a journey that inspires many.


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