Stop using plastics right now

Just look around, you will not be surprised to find plastics all around you. Papers, pens, buckets, mugs, bags, dustbins, etc. Anything and everything is plastics.But is it good? Nearly 300 million tons of plastics are being produced and used every year.

It takes 400-1000 years for the plastics to decompose naturally. It also clog water ways creating a major threat to marine organisms.

Eating food packed in plastic containers leads to health issues.Plastic use has been restricted and even banned in some of the countries due to numerous disadvantages it has.

Instead of using plastics, go for these alternate ways,

• Use reusable beverage containers for storing water.

• Get your own shopping bag for shopping.

• Carry your own bottle whenever you step out of the house.

• Pack your lunch in reusable lunch boxes.

• Avoid disposable plates, glasses, straws and spoons.

• Store leftovers in glass jars.

• Use cloth napkins and reusable towels instead of tissues.

• Say no to plastic bags.

As Paulo Coelho says, “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion”.

We all must ensure that we do not use too many plastics and pollute our nature.Plastics are no doubt doing great harm to every species and the mother earth.

Nature is going to be pollution free only if each one of you takes an oath and comes forward as a group to implement good changes.

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