Sir Isaac Newton- The Greatest Science Influencer

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Great inventions come with great ideas. The life stories of great personalities always inspire us to become better people in our life. No one is born intelligent. This is proved by the story of Sir Isaac Newton.

Time and dedication will train your mind to think about the big thing in small points and give a dynamic thinking process. Your mind becomes more powerful.

Every discovery invention has its own initiative story. Scientists are ofter called researchers. because of them, we get to know some amazingly miraculous things

If it weren’t for or them, we couldn’t have imagined knowing the vast mystery of the earth. Sir Isaac Newton is one of them. Whose contribution to science is not less than a blessing to those who love science.

Without his invention science wouldn’t be that fun. Whether it’s gravity or the law of motion. Every science student who is interested in physics thinks of Newton’s laws as his foundation knowledge.

Sir Isaac Newton was an average student. But how this average student makes a revolutionary change in his life as well as the world of physics.

Early Life of Isaac Newton:

On the 25th of December in the year 1642, this great personality was born in the UK. He was born into a very poor family. He lost his father 3 months before his birth.

So he was abandoned by his father’s love from the very beginning. He was too sick to live when he was born. Doctors almost gave up on his health.

But God was planning something different. How can a great scientist like him die?
After a lot of medicinal treatment, he survived. His mother had her second marriage when ton was 3 years old.

His stepfather didn’t like him at all So without any other alternative his mother left him with his grandparents and he began to live with them.

Isaac Newton was named after his late father. In his preliminary ages, he wasn’t able to talk properly. He was too stubborn and rude in his childhood for which he had no friends.

People used to call him mad because from the very beginning he always used to think about space stars moon universe and all of that.

He used to ask his grandparents a lot of questions about the universe to which there were no answers from his grandparents. Because science didn’t develop that much at that period.

Schooling :

When Newton was in middle school, he was not that good at his studies. An average student. He had no friends in school for his stubborn and arrogant attitude.

His friends mocked him for not being good at his studies. Once he argued with a student and even fought with him for this reason. For which he was suspended from school.

At that time his stepfather also died and his mom returned to him. They faced a lot of financial problems so his mother said him to do farming for living.

But he couldn’t focus. So his mother once again admitted him to the school. Now his stubbornness worked in a good way and he studied hard and topped the school.

Research career of Isaac Newton:-

With his uncle’s help in 1662, he got admitted to Trinity College, Cambridge. While studying he invented some mathematical formulas in 1665 which are named calculus in today’s era.

He completed his bachelor’s degree and thought of doing his masters but at that time plague came as a pandemic and London had to lockdown.

He continued his research at home with the scholarship he got from college and invented the basic formula of physics i.e Law of gravity and the Laws of motion without which physics is incomplete.

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