As businesses move from offline to online, technology has become an integral part of the system and businesses depend on it. Trade roadmaps seem to converge with technology roadmaps. Consulted with the Chief Technology Officer to ensure effective execution. With technology-dependent business roadmaps, CTOs prove to be important strategic leaders in every company. There has been a gap in technology leadership and the adjustment room for some time.


Roopa Kumar, Founder of Purple Quarter commenced her adventure in operations. Her first stints had been at Mphasis and HSBC and in 2004; she joined First Advantage, a heritage screening organization, and became the Assistant General Manager of operations. It became whilst she co-based MTS consulting in 2010.

She understood the distinction among hiring a person in your very own organization and hiring for a client. She joined Anzy as Head of New Business Initiatives in 2016 wherein she met Deepak, Co-founder and the CEO of Purple Quarter, and with their in-sync idea process, like-minded ambitions, they determined to begin Purple Quarter. Swiggy became certainly considered one among Purple Quarter’s largest clients.

She became instrumental in bringing Dale Vaz to Swiggy who became then running for Amazon India as the pinnacle of generation and ran Engineering Org at more than one web sites with a crew of more than one L8s and 800 ordinary general crew size. Dale joined Swiggy as Head of Engineering and Data Science in 2018 and has then long past directly to turn out to be the CTO of Swiggy setting up its presence in over 550 towns and towns.

The valuation of Swiggy has skyrocketed to $3.four Billion from $730 Million withinside the stated time.


When top tech brands like InMobi and Swiggy don’t have talent in the tech space, they turn to Purple Quarter. Since technology has played a vital role in business; Technology leadership is becoming more and more important. Swiggy, Hike, Acko, BrowserStack, UrbanCompany, etc. have teamed up with Purple Quarter. There are technology leaders deployed by Purple Quarter in different regions of the world.

In Europe, 330 in Southeast Asia, 375 in Singapore, 915 in the United States and 4,270 in India. The Purple Quarter pool is divided into 4 parties: Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Head of Engineering (HOE), VP Tech and Director of Engineering (DOE). DOE owns 39.69% of its group, while VP Tech owns 26.6% and HOE owns 19.32% and the CTO has 14.37%. Recently, WhiteHat Jr.’s search for technology leaders was spearheaded by the Purple Quarter, and Flipkart tech veteran Ajay Gondhiya joined Hopscotch, another movement led by the Purple Quarter. USA, Southeast Asia.

The company plans to become more active in these areas in 2021 and intends to pursue European markets. As a brand, Roopa wants the Purple Quarter to stay focused and unimpressed by all the distractions. to make Purple Quarter a global brand.


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