Increase screen time for your kids while working.

Working on daily tasks regularly while engaging in work can be a hurdle especially when you’re a parent. Being an employee and a parent like a hybrid is never an easy task especially if you are fixed on perfecting everything like you used to do. 

Doing work from the comfort of your home may sound relieving but it’s not when your child requires attention when the house is a mess when no one in the house can cook! There have been reports of breakdown due to stress and workloads during the pandemic. 

When working from home, inform them about the situation at hand and try to divide your work into manageable smaller chunks and prioritise completion of your work rather than perfecting it at such times. 

According to the American Pediatric Association, it’s okay to relax on strict measures regarding screentime for your children when you have a meeting to attend to. Certain situations call for such measures. School children also have to get used to this new way of learning at home but that does not mean forcing the original school routine on them. It is just not possible.

Some parents even go far as enforcing school norms during the designated school hours at home. This not only stresses out the child but the parents too. It’s might seem ethical however it is not. This creates a sense of anxiety in the child as online classes tend to give tons of assignments and homework. Preparing snacks for them while they have classes can be really helpful. Talking to them, listening to them, spending time with them, ask them about their hobbies and taking interests in their hobbies can be helpful and effective.

Just remember that you and your health comes first before anyone else’s.

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