Fight Problems Away

There are problems in everybody’s life. No person leads a life without dealing with problems. From the richest person to the poorest, from a small child to an adult everyone has problems. Fighting problems is what one needs to look forward to not losing to them. Young people nowadays think that every problem they have from the smallest i.e. exam stress or workload to the biggest problem that they believe is personal life or relationships is the worst anybody could come across. The only solution they find is taking their life away.

Why does this generation think about only giving up on life as a solution to all problems? Why do they not think about how to fight these problems away?

The young generation these days think it is easy to go and take your life because you have given up, without thinking what all they will leave behind. Their life has not even started, just a few years of living and at such an early stage one wants to bring an end to it. Frustration is something all come across at some point in their life, but that does not mean you will not fight back. Frustration leads to having negative thoughts, but overcoming them is necessary. Think of those people who lose their lives in accidents or who at an early age have to leave this world because of some severe disease. They did not want to leave this world so soon but had no choice. People ask for more years to live life and some are just wanting to end too soon for small problems in life.

The solution to these problems starts by thinking about yourself, by thinking about where is one going wrong or what step in life has made you come and stand at a wrong stage, where is one standing today and how can you make it all better. Starting to think positively is the easiest way of making things better, make the most of your life. Find happiness in the smallest things of life. You are taking your life away by your own hands don’t blame someone else for it. Blaming your family, your friends, and the people around you is not the solution.

One has to think about how can they change for the better, how each day of your life can be filled with happiness. Learn how to be happy even in the hardest of times. Talk to your near and dear ones. Sharing your problems helps you to fight through them while having strong support from the ones who care for you. It is a fast-moving life, stop thinking about what people say about you. Finding small activities that one is passionate about and following them is a way of getting out of problems.

It is easy to give up but it takes a lot of courage to fight problems away. It’s your life, not someone else’s, it is you who will have to find a solution to your problems and not give up on them. Start talking and start thinking about everything in a positive manner that comes across your path. This will make you the strongest person. Never give up, because you are strong and unique in your way.

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