Covid-19 And Alarming Mental Health Crisis

Covid-19 affected almost every aspect of human lives. The imposition of lockdown around the world forced people to isolate themselves, which mounted the feeling of loneliness among people imposing critical mental health repercussions among humans. A study has revealed that one in five people suffered from one or the other form of mental health illness. Also, a survey conducted by Office for National Statistics revealed that the happiness level rates found among people during a pandemic are stunt.

In this article, let’s torch some light on the significant mental health problems that originate or worsened during this pandemic.


A person who is suffering from depression feels constant sadness. Depression leads a person to think and react overwhelmingly and causes several emotional and physical consequences. Usually, a person suffering from depression becomes hopeless, loneliness and empty. They will be frustrated, irritated most of the time. They will feel lazy and tired most of the time and, they will either lose their appetite or vice versa. The person will find difficulty in deciding on their own or, they suffer from temporary memory loss. These symptoms are enough to identify if someone is suffering from depression. If you have these symptoms, then you must attempt a mood assessment quiz by NHS. Talk to a friend or a close relative whom you trust might help you. Seek help from a mental health advocate. If you find someone suffering from depression, don’t ignore them. Confront them. Read and educate yourself about how to help a depressed person. Your hand of help might save someone’s life.


The constant terror of getting infected by a coronavirus, dealing with several insecurities like job, future and finance, coping with work from home mounts anxiety during a pandemic. The common symptoms found are rising heart rates, hyperventilation, excessive sweating, troubled sleeping, having gastrointestinal issues, restlessness, tiredness and troubled thinking. The most common anxiety disorder found in people during Covi-19 is Generalized anxiety disorder. It refers to an anxiety disorder where people worry about the normal activities they do daily. How will you know that you need professional help when you are stressing too much and constantly overthinking that cause distress in your work and relationships.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The people who will get affected by post-traumatic stress disorder are the ones who have been through desperate times or suffers several traumatic events during the pandemic. The common symptoms found are getting flashbacks of events, hallucination, ignoring places and people who can remind them of the incident, rising hatred, feeling guilty and irritation. The healthcare workers and the patient of coronavirus are the most affected by PTSD because of the helplessness and desperate times they have gone through. There is treatment available for curing PTSD that includes either medication, meditation or both.

How to protect your mental health?

Opening up to your family and friends is a great option to keep your mental health safe. Talk to them, express how you feel instead of keeping things to yourself. Do not hesitate before seeking help.

Exercise daily. Go for a walking staying close to nature will help you to feel better.

Eat good food take care of your appetite. It helps to maintain your energy level. Have a good sleep that helps to make you active.


Look after your and others mental health, or else right after this pandemic goes away, we might end up having a mental health crisis.

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