Amazon Sidewalk attempts to create smart neighborhoods. Here’s what you should know!

Yes, Amazon is indeed looking forward to creating a smart neighborhood for its users. The world’s top multi-retailer is going the extra mile in tech segment rather than narrowing itself within the retail segment.

So you all must be wondering what is so exceptional about this Amazon Sidewalk. Launching on June 8 in Echo speakers, Ring products and many more, Amazon’s low-bandwidth network lets your smart home stretch beyond the Wi-Fi range. Sidewalk will stretch to the urban and suburban parts of America with a low-bandwidth wireless network for about half a mile. They will reach places and things that were once too hard or too expensive to connect. Looking at the bright side, it is making it easier for many people to set up smart home devices in places where Wi-Fi range doesn’t reach.

But, HOW does this happen?

There’s a mind-boggling technology that is buried inside millions and millions of Amazon Echo Smart speakers and Ring Security Cameras. These devices can create a new wireless network called Sidewalk. In this, a portion of your home internet connection is shared with your neighbor’s device. It creates a low bandwidth network connection that pools a small portion of your internet bandwidth to increase network connectivity and its range. There is a bridge created between different homes in the neighborhood. These smart home devices create a bridge between one Wi-Fi and the other. Every new gadget that joins the network becomes a part of the bridge. When multiple bridges connect, a network of low-bandwidth coverage is created. As more and more households participate, the Sidewalk network grows even stronger.

What are the other benefits of Sidewalk?

  • Extended Range – Previously the Amazon devices only worked within the range of our home’s Wi-Fi network connection. But now, our device can connect from farther away via Sidewalk. You can use your garage door opener from farther away across the street. Or easily locate your pet with the help of an Amazon pet locator.
  • User-friendly Setup – The new Amazon devices will get connected to Sidewalk as soon as they are turned on. The tedious task of going through settings is not required.
  • Better Home Connection – If you have spotty network coverage in certain parts of your home. No worries, Sidewalk can help strengthen the network coverage by drawing a bridge from the surrounding network.
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