What is startup?

Whether they want to change the world or simply make their business vision a reality, startup founders dream of giving society of something it needs but hasn’t created yet and doing it at scale.

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Startups are young companies founded to develop unique products or service, bring it to market and make it irresistible and irreplaceable for customers. 

How do startups succeed?

While many startups ultimately fail, all do. For a startup to succeed, many stars must align and crucial questions answered

  • Is the team obsessively passionate about their idea? 
  • Do the founders have domain expertise?
  • Are they willing to put in the time?
  • Why this idea and why now? 
  • How big is the market? 

If a startup is able to answer all of these questions, it may stand a shot at becoming part of the 10% of early stage companies to survive.

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