What is better job or entrepreneurship?

                                   “Which is better job or entrepreneurship?”

Job is better no being an entrepreneur is better, what is better what is safer which field should I choose, everyone who wants to build a career faces a tough time in finding an answer to this question. Every cloud has a silver lining which means that there is no such thing as what is better because both these fields are good but become best when the right person selects the right option for their career.

An entrepreneur is the person who is ready to take risks, has the huge financial capacity to invest is highly motivated and determined to start his own business every person wants to be an employer and not an employee but those who analyze these requirements before entering into the field of entrepreneurship that do they have these characteristics in them or not often escapes themselves from huge and financial losses. Especially when covid-19 has surrounded the world there are crores of people who are losing their jobs but amongst them, there is an increasing rate of people who are making this opportunity in turning themselves into an entrepreneur because these days taking the business to earn online medium has become easier and cheaper but what remains constant is taking risk the more unique the idea is the more chances to on profit or to make losses increases but that decreases the competition into the market.

Working under someone is safer than becoming an entrepreneur there is no doubt in it because their number of working hours is fixed and an employee gets a fixed salary for the done work there is no profit or loss to be suffered by an employee. But an employee gets no space for doing work according to his Desire and those who feel they have more capabilities and assigned tasks or they have better ideas to achieve the same goal can think of starting something of their own but those were fixed area of thoughts and cannot think something you must continue their jobs because that requires constant discipline and constant skills.

So it can be concluded that all career options are good but it completely depends from person to person which career option to choose and what characteristics the person has for choosing a particular career.

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