Want to cry your heart out? Do watch these Korean movies.

I am a very big movie buff. I like to be more empathetic so when it comes to the genres of movie that I like to watch is emotional and heartwarming. There are movies which makes us feel subtle  yet leave us thinking about it for days. It also makes us  to tell others  to watch the same .

Top movie industry which I personally feel good and always addicted is that of the Korean movie industry. I feel the koreans are way more creative and interesting in their way  of making the movies. .I am a great fan of their subtle way of telling the story and taking forward it with the most unexpected twist and moments.

Unlike many of my friends are addicted to Korean dramas, I feel more connected to Korean movies .As I mentioned earlier I am a bit more emotional and thanks to the Korean movies which makes  me cry everytime .

So here are the lists of movies that I am 100% sure that they are gonna make u cry and makes you to rethink about your family and relationships.

  • The miracle in cell number 7 :

As I love my father so much, this movie is more connected to me and hence this is in my top list.it is a story of a father who is mentally handicapped, but loves his daughter very much, is falsely accused of a crime and sent to prison. Later, his daughter, who is a law school student, works to prove his innocence.the climax and the whole actors are the key factors of this amazing movie.

  • Forgotten

Anybody who wants to start  watching  Korean movies, I would definitely recommend this movie. The twist and turns of the movie is so much intense and the emotional and the  tragic climax has really lot do with this best movie. The climax really shakens us.

  • The beauty inside 

The key point of this movie is the subtle acting of the lead actress Han yoo joo . I have become a great fan of her through this movie . The movie goes in the subtle and very soft manner and really makes our heart feel good , light and warm.

  • Hello ghost 

This movie really helps us to value our family and relationships. The film also gives us a sweet and strong message that how important is our family is.  the film  goes in comic manner in the beginning and at reaching the climax,  the twist turns up and you really fall in love with the movie .

  • My annoying brother 

this movie shows the sibling rivalry that we would have  experienced at least once in our  life. The movie starts in the soft and carefree manner and intensifies as it is in the way of reaching climax . This is a go to movie ti watch with your sibling. This movie also teaches the value of relationships in our life.

So, here it is. Go ahead and make your free time worthy enough by watching these movies.j

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