Volocopter unveils aircraft to connect suburbs to cities

Volocopter is a Germany-based air taxi service. The company has been working hard to launch air taxi service .It has come further in eVTOL history from the past ten years. The company plans to launch air taxi service in Singapore by 2023.

On may 17th,Volocopter unveiled its four seater voloconnect. It is their latest electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL). It wil connect suburbs to cities . eVOTL  has six propellers that are involved on two pylons connecting the wings and tail  during takeoff and landing.It can transport passengers upto 100km for a single battery charge at speed of 180km/h. It can accelerate upto 250km/h.

Volocopter is the only eVTOL company  to attain Design Organisation Approval from European Union Aviation Safety Agency.It is using hybrid lift technology and push design to transport passengers.It has highest safety standards in aviation.The company has sold reservations for tourists for a 15 minutes journey.

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