Upcoming MCU movies that will boom the entertainment world


One who is a true fan of Hollywood movies know how strong the impact of its the and story. And MCU is in the top list which turn so many viewers to a diehard fan. 

Now, here are the upcoming MCU movies that will grow the dimensions of their fan base and so also the content impact.

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1. Black Widow
This movie will Release on : 9th July 2021
This is the first movie of the MCU character Black Widow. Lots of expectation and hops are tied with it. A lot of fan theories tried to predict the story line up but only after the release of the movie will decide
whether it stand on our expectations.

2. Dr Strange in the multiverse of madness
This movie will Release on : 23rd March 2022
This will be the second movie of the character Dr strange. The character of Scarlet Witch will be their in the movie which a the strongest avenger. So, it will be great blend. Most of the MCU fans are especially waiting for this movie .

3. Thor: Love and thunder
This movie will Release on : 11 February 2022
This will be the 4th movie of Thor series. Lots  big character will be revealed. The character of Jane Foster which had vanished in the movie Thor Ragnarok with a silly reason can back in screen again. 

4. Eternals
This movie will Release on: October 2021
You will see a bunch of superheroes in this movie and great fight scenes. The amalgamation of super humans, immortal beings and devil will be there in the movie. The casting of the movie is also very strong so also the expectations .

5. Black Panther : Wakanda Forever
This movie will Release on: July 2022
This will be the 2nd movie if the series. It’s a tribute after the real life death of the leading character Chadwick.  It’s a sequel but it’s official announced that no new character will replace Chadwick. So, it will be interesting to see how the story plot glide us through the movie .

6. Spiderman: No way Home
This movie will Release on : 17th December 2021
This will be the 3rd MCU Spiderman movie and this will continue to tell the after story where the 2nd movie left with a huge suspense ” revealing of Spiderman before the world”. Now, lots of expectations are there form this movie.

7. Shang-Chi the legends of the ten rings
This movie will Release on: 3rd September 2021
This will be the first film based on this MCU character. It has lot of potential and powers in the comic but the expectations are also there from the movie too.

8. Guardian of the galaxy: Vol 3
This movie will Release on: 5May 2023
This is the 3rd movie by the franchise. This will be the sequel of the 2nd part and have connection with lots of MCU movie. Many characters are there to watch on but new character may introduce in this movie .

9.Venom: Let There Be Carnage
This movie will Release on: 17th September 2021
As the movie title tells, there will be a carnage. So, you will get the chance to see super fight scenes and superb action. Definitely the story will continue after the story ended in Venom. But in this movie you can see a comic side of venom beside the furious one.

10. The Marvels
This movie will Release on: 11 November 2022
This will be the 2nd movie of the franchise. It will be the sequel of the 1st part Captain Marvel. This movie will develop the character of Carol and shape it’s image which left unfinished in the 1st part. Lot more known faces can visible, so be ready for the surprises .

11. Ant man and the wasp : Quantumania
This movie will Release on: 17 February 2023
This will be the 3rd film by the franchise. As very MCU fan knows the concept of quantum realm in the first film of the series and continue in the second part Ant-Man and the Wasp and then it put the immense effect to build the story of Avengers- End Game.
Now director co form that the will add some more concepts and crisp to the story which can shape MCU movies . 

12. Morbius
This movie will Release on: 19 January 2022
This is the first film of the character Morbius. This character never revealed in any MCU movies before so it will be really exciting to watch. Although the trailer had revealed that it will be again and scientific experiment type super hero but we except it to be something more.


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