Transfer Your Google Play Music Library Before Google Deletes It

Google is erasing all traces of Play Music. Though the platform stopped streaming in December, some user content remains available for export, but not for long.

As reported by 9to5Google, the company will delete all information associated with Play Music later this month. That includes content uploaded to the cloud locker, purchases, saved playlists, stations, albums, songs; as well as likes and dislikes.

News of a Play Music shutdown came almost exactly one year ago, as Google allegedly began transitioning users away from the nine-year-old service and towards YouTube Music. The move became official in May last year, with plans to shutter Play Music entirely by the end of 2020. The music store went dark in October, and all usage was discontinued two months later.

Users were initially given until Dec. 31 to transfer data to YouTube Music or download an offline copy. That deadline slipped into 2021, and there are now just 19 days left. “On Feb. 24, 2021, we will delete all of your Google Play Music data,” according to a customer email. “This includes your music library with any uploads, purchases, and anything you’ve added from Google Play Music. After this date, there will be no way to recover it.”

Those who’ve already transferred to YouTube Music may receive a different message, suggesting that “if you’ve made any changes, you still have the option to transfer again so your music library is up to date.” Visit to review your export options before it’s too late.

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