Timothee Chalamet to play Willy Wonka in Warner Bros origin movie

Oscar-nominated Timothee Chalamet is set to star as the iconic inventor and chocolate maker in Warner Bro’s and the Roald Dahl Story Co’s – Wonka. The announcement was made on Monday, May 24, 2021. The story will focus on a young Willy Wonka and his adventures prior to opening the world’s most famous chocolate factory. He’s been the top choice for some time but scheduling was a hurdle that had to be overcome as training for those numbers is included in the prep for this film.

Sources tell Wonka will mark the first time Chalamet gets to show off his singing and dancing skills with several musical numbers set to appear in the film. Though the plot details have been kept under wraps, the Warner Bros. prequel film will explore the upbringing of the man who later created the famous house of confectionary treats. Warner Bros has set the origin story for March 2023 release.

This marks the third time WB has taken on the Wonka story, with the previous versions being adaptations of Dahl’s classic novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The first one, in 1971, starred Gene Wilder as Wonka, and the second in 2005 starred Johnny Depp in the role. While plot details are unknown, the new pic will be an origin tale of the character and mark the first time Charlie Bucket will not be featured.

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