The dark secret behind your favourite makeup products

Makeup can be a tool for liberation and expression. It can make people beautiful, but one of beauty’s most popular ingredients has a dark side. When children are the hidden cost in our cosmetics. And who’s leaving them behind ? 

This intiative surrounded by one of the most controversial ingredients going into makeup today. MICA An unassuming mineral essential to modern life. The property of heat and electrical resistance makes this mmineral invaluable. For decades, it’s been used in everyday products like electronics, insulation, paint etc. But over the past few years the cosmetics industry’s demand for glowing radiant shimmer has explored. 

From the perfect, no makeup gleam to the blinding shine of a highlights created for double taps. Mica is often a magic ingredient and too dangerous ay the other side. The majority of the world’s mica comes from India. The revaluation forced the beauty industry into a moral reckoning. Few companies without a transparent supply chain, it decided to pull out natural mica altogether. It looks pretty but it’s to find out that it’s more complicated than appearances. 

India is at its centre with the world’s largest and highest quality reserves of mica. Jharkhand is a mining state with rich reserves of coal, copper and of course mica. Many of the mines are abandoned are scavenged, while others are run by illicit operators. 

Over the mica leaves the mine, it’s funnelled into a process. The unregulated nature of mica opens the door to dangerous work conditions and predatory pricing. Mica is the lifeblood of the region and any solution that will make a real difference must acknowledge that. We find that mica is easily extracted but people involved are poor childrens. 

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