Self motivation during pandemic

According to CNN ,Times now ,BBC and other top news channel death rate has increased at a higher rate during the year 2020-21 due to the pandemic . Many have lost their family members and loved ones . We should avoid all this depression and anxiety. We should Only self motivation is needed to improve body and mind

Thus we all have to stay motivated during the pandemic to keep ourselves health in mind as well as in body

Ways to keep yourselves energetic and self motivated

  • create a schedule: To stay health and motivated it’s every important to have a schedule
    • wake up early in the morning : As it is always said by doctors” early to rise early to bed” this will keep yourselves health and motivated .Waking up keeps your body with refreshment.
    • Yoga :yes ,doing yoga is the most , important and effective way .By doing you will not only get motivate ,but this will cure your inner self , your body as well as your mind .
    • Sleep 6-7 hour a day : this will rest your body and mind after a hard working day . This will enhance your body with refreshment and full of energy .
  • exercise at a daily basis:
    • exercises can be effective treatment strategies for symptoms of both depression and anxiety .
    • each day is a new opportunity to engage in physical activity and exercise that can bring short and long -term benefits for mood ,sleep, and physical health .
    • consistency and sustained motivation may enhanced by peer support ,family support or electronic platforms offering exercise programs .Thus consider engaging yourself to do exercise daily for 15- 30 minutes
  • eat food properly :
    • prepare home – cooked meals- during regular daily life ,many individuals often the possibility to make those recipes you previously did not have time to make .Many healthy and delicious recipes you previously did not have time to make . Many healthy and delicious recipes can be found online .
    • be aware of portion : It can be difficult to get portion sizes right , especially when cooking from starch being at home for extended periods , especially without company or with limited activities can also lead to overeating .Seek guidance through your nutritional food -based dietary guidelines on what constitutes healthy portions for adults and be mindful that young children will need smaller portions
    • follow safe food handling practices :
      • 1.keep your utensils ,hands, kitchen and utensils clean
      • 2. separate raw and cooked food , especially raw met and fresh produce
      • 3. cook your food thoroughly
      • 4. keep your food at safe temperatures, either below 5 degree or above 60 degree Celsius and
      • 5. use safe water and raw material
  • stay connected with friends and family : you should always be connected with your friend stop avoid any type of depression , anxiety and suffocation
  • help others in need : help others in need not only help other people but it will also keep our body refresh

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