Periods, this topic is no more a silenced issue in our society, everyone, a boy or a girl knows about it. Have you heard about perimenopause? We all know about Menopause, right?


Menopause is the absence of periods or an end to the fertility period in women probably in the 40s or 50s.


Perimenopause or menopause transition is a transition phase that occurs before menopause. This transition phase is a very long process. Peri-menopause refers to the time around menopause. This phase lasts from several months to years.

It can start in the mid-’30s or ’40s. It is a time when the ovaries start to not function well because there are fewer eggs, so the ovaries produce only a small amount of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.


The worst symptoms include hot flashes, night sweats, and irregular periods. Other symptoms also include mood swings, weight gain, and mental stress lead to sleeplessness. There’s no simple blood test, it’s a diagnosis based on the history and physical exam of the patient. Mood swings are expected to be the first sign of menopause. They start feeling like they’re going crazy. Though it’s normal, hormone therapy or lifestyle changes could always help women deal with this problem. But it really goes away after menopause.

So, the next time your wife, daughter, mother, or friend whomever you find goes through this kind of problem, tell them it’s completely normal and to stay healthy or to visit an endocrinologist.


1. In some places, females are not supposed to touch plants during their periods. They think that the plant might die.

2. When a girl gets her first period, she is slapped on either side of her cheeks so she has beautiful rosy red cheeks throughout, this is so dumb, isn’t it?

3. In India, you’re not supposed to enter a temple or a place of worship while you’re menstruating

4.In Poland, having sex during periods could kill your partner.

5.The sharks will find you if you go near the ocean.

6.Bears will be attracted towards you, gosh! thank god, not men, lions, and snakes.

7.In Japan, you’re not supposed to have Sushi because you have an imbalance in your taste bud.

8.If you’re PMSing, it’s a problem.- NO, it’s not a problem, it’s completely normal.

9.You get cramps if you eat citrus fruits

This is all funny but when you’re supposed to follow it, it just makes you so stressed and depressed. Periods has been stereotyped as a topic of disgust for so long, but no more. Like what’s so dirty about it?

In many tribal cultures even today, women live in a separation hut while mensurating. And in some parts of the world, a girl’s first period is celebrated but it’s just a celebration of her fertility and not social acceptance.

But this is not a taboo subject anymore. As Rebekah Mikaelson once said, we girls always have to stick together no matter what. I’ve seen many girls who won’t give pads and tampons to their colleagues or friends, if you’re so concerned about your things, just ask them to return a new pad the next day. But please don’t say no, because you know the real stress.


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