In the hours since Ariana Grande’s rep confirmed that the 27-year-old singer quitely married her 25-year-old real estate agent fiancé DALTON GOMEZ over the weekend, multiple outlets have gotten detail about what the nuptials were like themselves—and why Grande and Gomez decided to wed now, less than six months after they got engaged. The two were first seen together publicly in February 2020.

Grande and Gomez planned their wedding together quickly after they got engaged. They got married now because their schedules were starting to get busy again. the couple wanted the same things: particularly, a small wedding and for it to be in the summer.“They always wanted an intimate ceremony,” E!’s source explained. “They decided to have the wedding this past weekend because their schedules are picking up and neither wanted to wait. They both agreed there was no point in waiting. [It] was always in the cards for summertime.”Grande and Gomez had a backyard wedding at her Montecito house with white floral decorations. the couple was surrounded by “hundreds of white florals” when they wed in her backyard. “It was beautiful but not over the top,” the outlet’s source said. “Ari wanted it to be simplistic and tasteful. All they cared about was having family there and to be able to enjoy the special moment together.”A source explained to people why Grande and Gomez chose her home  as their venue. “Both Ari and Dalton love Montecito. They spend a lot of time there,” People‘s source explained. “It seems only natural that they would get married at Ari’s beautiful and historic house.
Grande and Gomez kept their guest list small, inviting less than 20 close friends and family. there were less than 20 people at the wedding and that there was no real “ceremony,” just an intimate vow exchange. Grande’s rep confirmed that detail to people too, saying, “It was tiny and intimate—less than 20 people. The room was so happy and full of love. The couple and both families couldn’t be happier.”both Grande and Gomez’s families attended the ceremony along with a few of Grande and Gomez’s close friends.

The wedding day was “emotional,” with both families giving toasts.

Not a lot is known yet about what happened during the wedding. But E! was told that there was a dinner where each of Grande and Gomez’s family members made a “special toast” to the newlyweds. “It was an emotional day”“the couple wanted the ceremony to be private and took precautions to make sure that happened. The ceremony started in the afternoon and went into the night.”Gomez helped design Grande’s diamond pave and platinum wedding band.

While Grande hasn’t shared any photos from her wedding yet,! got detail on Grande’s new wedding band from her husband. Gomez had Solow & Co design the band. A spokesperson for Solow & Co told the outlet that “They worked with Dalton on this. It’s a beautiful, tasteful platinum and diamond pave band. Dalton was very happy with it.”

Grande’s mom and brother are overjoyed that Grande married Gomez. Grande’s mother and brother are big fans of her husband and thrilled that Grande married him. “Ariana’s brother Frankie and her mom are so happy for her,” the source said. “They think Dalton really balances Ariana out and allows her to be her true self. Ariana appreciates that Dalton accepts her and loves her for who she is. He’s a little nerdy and hardworking and she loves that about him. He’s also very protective over her and goes above and beyond to make her happy.”

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