Cyclone Tauktae

Cyclone Tauktae pushed up from Kerala to Gujarat by the beginning of this week. This was the most powerfull storm to hit the states in more than 20 years. This storm is considered extremely severe of about 2100 km/hr. 

Experts say that the ocean surface temperatures are warming up rapidly and this has resulted in this sudden massive cyclone. The storm bashed 1000’s of houses and properties located near to the coastal lines. Mumbai’s Gate way of India was flooded and the airport officials have ordered to close the airports soon. 

In this situation where the pre existing Covid-19 cases have already crossed 25 million in India, a large number of covid parients are transported from the hospitals and homes to safer places in Mumbai. In the northern Gujarat regions covid patients in hospitals within 5 kms of coastal area are relocated with emergncy equipments to more than 400 hospitals away from the coast.

Cyclone Tauktae Gateway of India PTI Photo gettyimages 1232962180

With reducing storm intensity, rescue operations and cleaning procedures have already been undertaken.

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