New add ons on Gmail !

         Gmail is one of the leading and most reliable mail platform . Even then many improvements are being adapted by Gmail . Gmail has added seven new add-on inorder to increase e-mail productivity . Here are those 7 add-ons on Gmail : 

1. Grammarly – this add on feature in Gmail helps the sender to correct their spelling and grammatical error in their text. It will scan your text while typing and provide suggestions ! .

2. Dictation add-on – Here you can literally speak instead of typing the text . You can on the micrphone button in the screen and start dictating.  It will automatically identify the words spoken and will make it in a written format for you .

3. MailTrack – we would have always wondered that it would be great if there’s a option to know whether the mail have been read or not . This feature is now on Gmail . 

4. Briskline – you would have got bored of typing the same mail everytime . The briskline add on helps you to create a template which you can add in every mails you send . It can be accessed merely by clicking briskline logo in the compose screen .

5. Checker plus – this add on creates an extension bar in chrome where you can click and view the new mails ! 

6. Sanebox – this add-on is based on artificial intelligence . It organises your mail as per your needs . You can customize the category of mails as you wish . 

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