Taylor Swift wow!! Hearing the name of this star singer in itself creates a huge spine of chills in the hearts of millions of fans like me .We all know Taylor swift has been the most interactive celebrity who constantly surprises her loving fans with cool and ridiculously unbelievable things.It’s not everyday your favorite artist invites you to their house and bakes you cookies, but things are totally different in the world of Taylor Swift
Along with her numerous charitable pursuits our darling always finds crazy ways to give back her biggest fans almost as frequently she writes her break-up songs 😛

Taylor is immensely a popular figure in social media, amassing a total of 150 million followers (over facebook, instagram, tumblr) and has helped her form great relationships with her fans re-blogging their posts, making them break-up style playlists and leaving comments in sweet-swiftiee style.She’s remained relevant due mostly to her off-stage comments and behaviors. She presents herself as honest songwriter and a shameless primadonna. Young people really admire and respect that kind of gumption, whether it’s sincere or not. She’s certainly been adopted by the gay community as a gay icon for her zingers, and she’s been equally as supportive of the LGBT community.She somewhat breaks the mold in terms of how a pop star is “supposed to act” in that she has sharp teeth and a quick wit and is not afraid to employ them. She’s obviously intelligent.

She takes risks: both with her music and her commentary.

Her first few records were pretty lyrically different from her peers’ in that they weren’t open for almost any interpretation. Not having to figure out what a song means is nice and easy, especially if you have good producers working to create nice melodies to back it up. It was easy listening music.

She’s also a mega-star because she did something that few musicians are able to do which is cross over from one genre to another, while still keeping most of her initial fans. Not only did she keep her fans but she re-drew the lines of country music. If you listen to country radio in 2018, half the time you would think you’re listening to the top 40 pop station. It sounds a heck of a lot different than it did before she incorporated R&B pop into her music. Commercial country has changed beyond comprehension just within the last 10 years. Swift, or someone pulling the strings, is largely responsible for that change.

She bridged the gap between country and pop and left out the twang. So many people I talk to don’t like country music simply because of the twang. And of course she wouldn’t have it being from Pennsylvania.

She’s worked with some of the best, hit-making producers in pop country, and generic top 40 pop.

Also, she’s extremely attractive. If she was overweight and not conventionally attractive, we wouldn’t know her name. You don’t have to look much further than One Direction to see how that quality can sell millions of records. This is honestly the biggest factor in her success.

Sexually repressed young people are obsessed with beautiful pop stars because it either gives them something to aspire to and/or it fulfills a fantasy. What did you listen to when you were 13–17? I’m sure there’s a nostalgic factor lingering, even if you can allow yourself to objectively assess the music and realize it’s not that great. She’s been a pop star for 12 years. She’s cemented the nostalgic factor of being a lifelong pop star.

Ultimately, the longer you can stay around despite success or failure, the more you try to re-invent yourself with each album, the more you get in the tabloids, and the better you can maintain your good looks the better your chances of success.
In September 2009 she became the first country music artist to win an MTV Video Music Award when “You Belong with Me” was named Best Female Video. Her acceptance speech was interrupted by rapper kanye west, who had been involved in a number of other award show incidents. West declared svideo for “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”, nominated in the same category, to be “one of the best videos of all time”. When Beyoncé later won the award for Video of the Year, she invited Taylor onstage to finish her speech. In November 2009 Taylor Swift became the youngest ever artist, and one of only six women, to be named Entertainer of the Year by the Country Music Association.
Taylor Swift is only beginning to emerge as an acting talent, having voiced the role of Audrey in the animated feature the Lorax(2012). She also made appearances in the theatrical release valentine’s day (2010) and in an episode of CSI (2000). She contributed two original songs to the hunger games(2012) soundtrack: “Safe & Sound featuring The Civil Wars” and “Eyes Open”. Taylor released her fifth album, titled “1989”, on October 27, 2014. This album is when she finally made the complete transition from country to pop. She says that she will not be going to any Country Music Award shows. The album is named after the year she was born, and is a sort of ’80s-sounding album, in the sense that it’s more electron.

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