Michael Jordan – a lesson from his life!

Those who dare to dream can conquer the world. Life is all about giving chances and taking chances. If you dare to initiate planning for your dream there is nothing you cannot achieve.

Inspiration makes people stronger and makes them believe in themselves which is very important to achieve anything in life.

Here is a small inspirational story about the former basketball player Michael Jordan to make you believe in yourself.
        Before starting the story let us have a brief look at Michael Jordan’s early life and his career.

Childhood and growing up

            Michael Jordan, an American basketball player was born in Fort Greene neighbourhood of New York City Brooklyn on 17th February 1963. His full name is Michael Jeffrey Jordan.

His father was a bank employee and equipment supervisor. he was the fourth of the five sons. In 1968 he moved to North Carolina with his family.

During his middle school life, he was very active in athletic games like basketball, football and baseball. In the meantime, he became the star of the Lanier junior varsity team and proved his worth.

In 1981 he accepted a basketball scholarship to the University of North Carolina and learned various tricks. He made his debut in the US National team in pan American games 1983. It was the beginning of his national team career.

He won the gold medal in the 1984 summer Olympics. Besides being a commendable basketball player often known as basketball God, he is also a very efficient businessman!.
          Michael Jordan came from a very poor family n they lived in a small cottage. Michael was not happy with his life spending like this.

He was always thinking of giving him and his family a better peaceful life. Let’s hear one story that inspired him to be a great person.

Lesson from his life

        One day his father came to him and gave him a shirt that he brought with him. Michael asked what was that then his father answered “tell me an approximate amount of this shirt?”.

To which he answered around a maximum of 1$ after looking thoroughly. Then his father told him to sell that shirt for 2$ in the market as a challenge. Michael took the shirt, washed it properly.

Though there was no steam iron in his home, he placed the shirt in between other shirts to get over the creases. After that, the shirt looked better than before and he took it to the market.

After some time he was able to sell it for 2$ and came back home happily. His father didn’t say anything. After some days his father brought another shirt of the same colour to him and asked him to sell it for 20$.

To which he replied, “how can I sell a 1$ shirt for 20$”. His father replied go and try your best. Rest the result will tell everything. He went silently.

After thinking for some time he went to the town market with his friend and bought a Micky mouse sticker. Then he attached the sticker to the shirt and took it for selling it. He went to a school and tried to sell it to the school going boys.

After some time he was finally able to sell his shirt to a schoolboy who asked his father for a shirt. His father gave Michael 20$ and a 5$ extra tip.

He became very happy with this and came home with his hard-earned 25$. After someday his father again came with the same 1$ shirt and asked Michael to sell it for 200$.

Michael replied nothing and went back silently because by the time he knew he is capable of doing it. He thought of an idea and went to the town.  That day a famous actress came to the town.

Michael was able to go to her off guard and asked her to give her an autograph on the shirt that he brought. The actress couldn’t refuse him and have her sign on that shirt.

Then Michael took that shirt and went to the market. The auction was done for buying that shirt in that crowd and finally it was sold for 2000$, ten times the expected amount. He came home and told his father about this.

you can do anything if you strongly believe that you can do it

said by father of Michael Jordan

There is nothing impossible in this world. You just have to take the initiative and the rest will work accordingly.
So get inspiration from wherever you get. And work with positivity.

   This was just a small story of Michael Jordan to let you know that you can do it if you want to do it. Have a good day!

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