How Ugg boots are professionally Restored ?

The process starts by checking the boots in and then to the cleaning process where cleaners will be doing what we call as pre spotting. The cleaners use a stream gun to try and clean the soles the best possible. So the steaming of the soles is mostly to get the grit and little pebbles and grime off of the soles. It’s really effective in knocking that off that thr washing process or the wet cleaning process alone will not do. Cleaners do the brushing this is with a soft nylon bristle brush and the formula of soap, a surfacant with oil and a solvent, it will break down that hard water mark and the products that they use will not disturb the color. 

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After cleaners finsihes the pre spotting  they will go right to the machine, where they have formulas set up for this type of cleaning. They are washed at 75 or 80 degree temperature. When it is taken after wet cleaning there is a bit of hopping back  shrinking back process that happens. Uggs have a tendency to stretch out. After shaping the boot, now it goes to drying rack for 1 or 2 days. After that boots are dried, they would use a 3M pad to clean it. They make several different grades of these pads  and it’s perfect for shaving, or brushing the sheetskin to bring up the nap. Next, it is given for spray in spraying the boot using neutral suede oil. After the oiling and the drying period and brush them up to make sure that color is even. So, the final step is the water repellent.  The water repellent is designed to help protect then from moisture and wet type stains. After inspection, it is ready for package and shipped off. 


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