Everything You Should Know About E-commerce

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning

What is E-commerce?

Electronic Commerce or e-commerce is a model for businesses that purchase and sell things with the assistance of the internet. All the daily essentials can be achieved by using e-commerce. E-commerce business regulates within four types of market sections.

Types of e-commerce

  1.     Business to consumer
  2.     Consumer to consumer
  3.     Business to business
  4.     Consumer to business 

  Tasks to be Accomplished For A Successful E-business:

●    Finding the right consumer is a vexatious task. So, examine the customer’s likes and dislikes and know their emotional viewpoint to make advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. And take reviews from them, this can build up the trust factor with the customer.

●    If the company’s website is less in traffic, then the company faces difficulties in attracting customers. So, the e-commerce business must fund SEO for the website. This will increase the high search volume.

provocations faced by E-business

  • Return To Origin ( RTO): The Return To Origin or perceived as RTO is the procedure where the merchandise never reaches the consumer and is sent back to the warehouse indicating multiple reasons. 
  • Supply Chain Issue 

The supply chain issue plays a major role in e-commerce. When the data and information is slow, the e-commerce business struggles to hear a quick view across the global supply network chain. The supply chain issue will be rescued by the managers that reduce the prices for the business.

  • Security And Privacy 

Good security and privacy policies while making the transactions and delivering the orders create trust between the e-commerce company and the consumer. A good idea would be to research and study the policies other companies are implementing for security purposes and implementing on your e-commerce business.

  • Internet Penetration Is Low 

India is growing in terms of e-commerce business as the internet has her base of more than 100 million users. But the penetration of e-commerce is low compared to the markets of the USA and the United Kingdom. 

Delhi has the highest internet penetration.

  • Cod Is The Preferred Payment Mode

The payment modes come in various options like online wallets, debit and credit cards, and the cash on delivery or COD methods. But the most preferred mode is cash on delivery as the consumer can hold the payment method till the product is delivered to them. The COD methods increase the revenue and help in increasing customer loyalty.

Benefits of E-commerce Business 

  • Regulation Of Product Pricing

Pricing plays an important role in creating a good brand image in the consumer’s mind. Selling the right products with a moderate pricing system can attract a lot of customers. In this way, it will be a small advertisement of your e-commerce business by your customer to the other people.

  • High-quality Products And Services 

Your customer is your priority. Consumers always want the best quality products at affordable prices. So, quick communication and survey of the review or suggestion from the consumer can develop an honest relationship with the consumer. 

  • Expanding, starting an online business with SEO

In this modern era the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Snapchat is an important key for your e-commerce business to grow. Make an account on these platforms, come live with your products, create a poll on Instagram stories about their favorite product from your shop, and in many ways you can connect with your customer. The advertisement brings more attention to customers. The terms and policies of your website must be strong.

  • Securing Shipments And On-time Delivery

Consumers face anxiety until they get their products achieved. So, the tracking of shipments of the products and on-time delivery of the products create a positive impact on the customer’s mind. And the customer will become your regular customer. By this method, the e-commerce business can grow effectively.

  • Taking Benefit Of M-commerce


The e-commerce business is an innovative model of business in this technological society. The price tags of the commodity are not always fixed and come with discounts and offers, which is helpful to attract a loyal customer. The connection between the consumer and the seller is building with trust and the consumer can solve any query directly sitting at home without any medium.

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