All you want to know about Android 12 beta 1

The latest invention from Google that is android 12 beta 1 has been released for its pixel mobiles. It is a more reliable and transparent platform for users and it is based on the “Material you” criteria.

It is also having a feature of colour extraction through which system can determine automatically some best colours for the wallpaper and the interface. It is more customize in all ways. It also has many different widgets that enhances its overall look.

Devices that support Android 12 beta 1 .

Some of the mobiles / phones that support the android12 beta 1 are pixel devices like pixel 3 , pixel 3xl, pixel 4 , pixel 4xl, pixel 4a , pixel 4a 5g etc.

Secondly , it is available for some more devices like Asus Zenfone 8 , Oneplus 9 , Oneplus 9 Pro, Tecno camon 17 , MI 11 , MI 11 Ultra , Mi 11 pro,Mi 11i, Realme GT , ZTE AXON 30 , IQoo 7 legend ,TCL 20 pro 5g and Oppo Finf X3 pro etc.

How to install Android 12 beta 1 .

  1. For Pixel devices

We can directly install the software i.e., Android 12 beta 1 from the android website but firstly we need to enroll our device on the website for the same . and if you have already enrolled your device in the android 11 then you need to re enroll the device.

2. For other phones and devices

As we all know that initially till february , the android 12 beta 1 is only for pixel phones but now it is also available for some other devices listed above. For Xiaomi phones , the ROM version is available in the form of .tgz extension .

Firstly you need to download the MIFlash tool on your pc and then extract it and instal it . For this you also need fastboot . Then you have to enter the fastboot mode on your phone. And then make you phone connected to pc .

Then you need to download the Fastbot rom extension file , copy and extract it and also paste its location to the Miflash tool. then you have to refresh the system and the app will automatically recognize your pc . Then after getting green light signal , the android version is successfully installed and you can use it after rebooting.

For more devices , you can directly install by the manufacturing links on the original site for the android and use it in your devices and phones after rebooting or refreshing your phones.

So all i want to say at the end is that this is a very best and personalized product from google android and you should have tried it once if you have the supportable phone.

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