‘PLEASE HELP!’: Covid tragedy spills onto Social Media in India.


  • Amid a severe second wave of pandemic.
  • Not just vaccines, drugs in short supply too.
  • Supereme Court asked centre not to reduce oxygen supply to Delhi from 700MT.
  • India is facing a shortage and stockouts of certain antibiotics, key steroids, anti fungal drugs, etc.
  • Only 3% population is fully vaccinated in the nation of 133 Crores!

These days, social media posts in Indi are no longer about cheeky photos, funny memes or political jokes. Instead frantic cells to save lives are flooding Twitter and Instagram as the latest wave of the corona virus cases and deaths overwhelm the nation’s hospitals and crenatoriums. 

On Bharath Pottekarr’s Instagram field, one message screems “Mumbai Please Help! Lungs damaged due to pneumonia infection. I need of ICU bed l.” Another reads “plasma urgently required for treatment of covid patient in MAX Hospital, Delhi.” More follow. “Urgently needed Tocilizumab injection. Please DM if you know of stock in and around Mumbai.”

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and telegram are all inundated with message distraught family members and friends begging for everything from hospital beds to medicines, CT-Scan, doorstep Covid tests,and even food for the elderly in quarantine.

Why Indians feels abandoned by the state?

The desperate pleas, hoping someone will respond with a speedy remedy, offer a peek into the unfolding tragedy buffeting a country of 1.3 Billion people that now has the worlds fastest- growing covid-19 case load. The massage also reveal the panic and disarray amid shortages of drugs, intensive-care beds and medical oxygen. 

On Wednesday: New Cases- 2,95,041 & Deaths – 2,023  

On Thursday: New Cases- 3.14 Lakh 

But The happy thing is that now we can do our Corona Test ourselves.

Apart from the bad news this is the happy thing that the government imposes Self care kit that we can test our Covid  at home easily. 

ICMR approves CoviSelf, a self-test kit for Covid, where one can take the rapid antigen test with the self-collected nasal swap specimen.

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