Mankind fears one common thing, despite their racial and social differences, that is death. Death is an inevitable event in a human’s life. Somehow we want to postpone it with the help of all this science and technologies, though we can’t escape it. Yes, you can’t escape it, but what if you can cheat it?


You might have heard about Cryogenics. Just think, how crazy would it be to be frozen and brought back to life in the future? Is this possible? Yes, it is crazy and a little bit creepy.


Imagine a person has an incurable illness, of course, there’s no cure found, so he’s about to die. This is where the concept of cryogenics comes to the rescue. Scientists could freeze the body to a very low temperature (-200 degrees Celsius) and put it into a cryosleep, like in the movie of Avatar.

Avatar Movie

Then they melt you when the cure for your illness is found like after 30 or 50 or 500 years. Trust me you won’t age, because it’s like you’re in hibernation. You might have seen this in many movies.

Like how Doctors preserve human organs before transplanting them, or where the fertility centers freeze the human embryo till they need it. But freezing the whole human body is entirely a different story. Remember docs do not freeze the organs, it’s a process of chilling.

Freezing the human body is easy (easy than the rest of the cryo procedures), but the problem is to bring it back to life. When the body’s temperature is restored, there is a difficulty in the brain cells, oxygen level, and in the human bones.

You may think, why people test these concepts because we know it’s impossible. Some people badly want to have an immortal life. Gen Z was born in this modern world, but 90’s people would be really amazed at how fast in 20 something years technology has advanced.

So, what if 500 years later, anyone discovers a way to cure you or pull you out from the cryosleep, that too without aging. It may be insane but who knows, it might happen. This process of thawing the body needs to be done at the right temperature and at the right speed, if not the cells would turn into ice crystals.

Damages while thawing is avoided by using cryoprotectants like DMSO, glycerol. These cryoprotectants prevent the cell from turning into crystals. Scientists believe that this will be possible one-day using nanotechnology.

Have you ever cheated on your exams using this nanotech? You can cheat death too. They have a theory that this nano-tech can be used to repair each atom of your cells that was damaged either because of an illness or during the cryo process.

But if this technology becomes possible in the future, there are many ethical issues in it because it’s not just freezing and keeping your body aside. Yet the body’s metabolic process is slowed, it is a complicated one and should be maintained and monitored throughout.

But whatever happens, the dead should never be a burden to the alive.

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