BTS- How seven people form world’s biggest music band!

BTS aka bangtan soneyodan is a very popular kpop band. Today everyone knows the name of BTS. They have been invited in many late-night talk shows, they have shattered records, they have sold out stadiums, they have made it onto the big screen.

These days you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t know what BTS isis or at least haven’t heard one of their songs.

And if they don’t either they have been living under a rock or they are 100 years old. The success of the bangtan boys is worldwide. They are popularly called world stars.

Knowing about them is a current interest in today’s youth. Their music is super addictive, they are unbelievably handsome, hardworking, dedicated boys.

They have come much far when they are just in their Twenties. Today we are gonna have a brief look at members and their position in the kpop band.

BTS is a seven-member k pop boy band. There are 3 rappers and 4 vocalists in their band. One of the rapper’s is leading the team.

They work under big hit entertainment which just changed their names to hype levels. Let’s learn more about the members as they are current heartthrobs of world music.


Kim Nam Joon popularly known by his stage name RM is the leader of the group. He is mainly a rapper. He writes most of the lyrics of the song.

He is a kind of translator for the group in many overseas interviews as many of them can’t speak English fluently.  He handles the group very well.

When they first debuted, many people hated them but he kept all the hate to himself and led the group with a positive vibe.


The oldest member of the group. He is mostly in the vocal and visual line. His glowing voice is very addictive to the ear. He was at first appointed as the main visual for the group.

He works very hard for the choreography because he is a little bit weak in dance. But he pulls out the choreography very well every time.


He the 2nd oldest member of the group and the speedy rapper also, popularly known by his stage name sugar. He is well known for his chill attitude and calmness. He is the member every introvert can relate to.

He is known for his gummy smile and cute face. He came from a very poor family and worked very hard to get the position that he is in. He recently had is shoulder dislocation surgery.


Popularly known as his stage name J-HOPE. He has an aura of keeping everyone happy around him. Known for his sunshine smile, he is the rapper and dance leader of the group.

He mainly dances street style hip hop and leads the team with amazing choreography. The calmest, punctual and perfect member according to the group members.


He is the leading dancer and vocalist of the group. Popularly known for his shy smile and tender voice. He is good at contemporary dancing but he can dance hip hop as well. Everyone in the group loves him for his loving nature. He is a very energetic person when he is on stage.


The most handsome member of the group. His stage name is V. He is known for his visuals and boxy rectangular smile. He is one of the main visual and vocalist of the group. His voice is deep as the ocean.

He has a very wide range in his singing. He has a great stage presence. He is a great stage performer. His followers call him “idol of idols”. He is the only member present in k drama hwarang.

He is the 2nd youngest member of the group. He is the most handsome of that group and also the most handsome in the world in the year 2020.  And in 2021 he is chosen as the most handsome Asian face.


The seventh and youngest member of the group is known as the “golden maknae”. Popular for his stage name called JK. This head voice guy is the leading vocalist of the group.

He is called the golden maknae due to his amazingly soothing vocal, energetic dance and his amazing painting and sport skills. He was chosen as the sexiest pers

He is called the golden maknae due to his amazingly soothing vocal, energetic dance and his amazing painting and sport skills.

He was chosen as the sexiest person in the world in 2020.
Hope this helped in knowing all the members and their position in the group.


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