5 Most Unique Gadgets for women

Meta – if you’re in search of gadgets which will add sassy tech touch to your femininity and go well with your personality; this article is for you.  

 A Wide-view Sensor Mirror

All women go through the crazy race of mornings where they hardly have an extra second to spare. The regular mirrors are not of much help while getting that winged eyeliner right or checking if the compact is not too much under the eyes. Get a wide-view sensor mirror because it solves all the above stated problems. It is easily available on all major e-commerce platforms.

Mobile Charging Purse

For the tech-savvy woman of today, there is nothing more convenient for a woman than a purse which can her phone on the go. With the hassle of everyday tasks, meetings, taking care of everyone around us, spare some bothering with this cool purse. All you need is, plug the phone onto the charging cable and let your phone lie inside her purse in style. After all who likes carrying hefty power banks!

A cool, artistic smart light

If your design aesthetic is modern and a bit funky, she might just love Lifx’s cool smart light beam kit. The Kit comes with six light beams that she can arrange on a wall in cool patterns to create accent lighting in your home. In the app, you can choose which colours you wants the beams to display and turn your space into an art exhibit.

Smart watch

When it comes to women, picking a smart watch is a little tricky. Smartwatches usually have a very technical and cliched look which does not always go with the woman’s dress up. If you are getting this cool gadget, make sure you find a piece which complements with your personality and add to the femininity of whole outlook. Pick a piece which is light and sleek and avoid going for hefty models. A smart watch is one of the best cool gadgets for women.


 Whether it’s for you or you want to gift catchy gadgets to the woman of your life; the best time to invest is now only. The world is chasing behind high tech and nothing would making make a woman more sexy than a smart

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